why do they need a subject?

Thos bags are freeky my bro had one for camping and stuff, they’re huuuge. you can fit silly ammounts into them!

i might get one for my unis, both 20" so hopefully they’ll both fit in one sack.


edit- i hit new thread instead of reply, i meant to reply to the thread on huge canvas bags for unis.

Can you say non sequitur?

Sure you can!

i’m guessing that means no subject but i didnt realise i was posting a thread so it seemed odd i was being asked for a subject but now all is clear:)


Well, maybe to you





non sequitur means “out of context” or “without context”.

Or “it does not follow”, which also works in this case. :sunglasses:

Oh, sure!

Go ahead!

Be literal!

That’s just what we need around here!