Why didn't somebody warn me?

Trying a kick up mount last night, the saddle hit me in a very painful place. Is this a standard problem, or was I doing something wrong? I reckon I won’t try again unless I’m wearing bike shorts to keep stuff tucked out of the way a bit more - I’d thought I was past that being such a big issue.

It’s worth noting that the person who gave me some technique tips and encouraged me to have a go wouldn’t have quite the same problem!

I may have misunderstood the question, but are you saying you didn’t realize where you were aiming when you kicked the seat up?

In any case, of course that’s not where you want it to go, at least not so fast. Aim for the side of your leg. Then sit down (not on your nads), and then give the top pedal a little push back to get you positioned to ride away. :slight_smile:

q: why didn’t someone warn me.
a: I’ve never heard of that, for me learning the kick up mount was painless in that area, I more hurt my ankle.

Lance Armstrong can ride a unicycle?


A lower seat would help avoid the crusher.


Of course Lance Armstrong can ride a unicycle.

Of course Lance Armstrong can ride a unicycle. And of course he lied! He never won all those medals riding on two wheels. We were all fooled… He was on one wheel the whole time:)