Why did you start?

Here’s a fun question. Why did you start unicycling?

Personally, I thought it looked fun and heard that it’s very good exercise.:smiley: I guess I also just wanted to do something that a lot of people are really afraid to try out. :roll_eyes:

Why did you all start? I mean, you guys are 10x better than I am. It’s nice to hear what a more experienced person has to say.

I saw Kris Holm ride on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” and found it cool.
Plus I wanted to do a hobby that not everybody does like skateboarding.
Even more plus: Everything is a challenge even just riding on it :sunglasses:

good topic

I started to ride unicycles becuse the VERY FAT kid down the street from me wanted to trick on my bike and bent the derailer into the spokes bending the hanger and distroying my bike so when i went looking for a new one i saw the unicycle and figured that i would not have the same problem twice. When i rode by his house he came out and sad he could do it and fell on his big fat U know what. That is why i started to ride unicycles. loved it ever since.:smiley:

Rawkin. I have to say that’s pretty sweet.

why not

i had some really bad gas one day.

well a friend of mine had a standard and another one with a nimbus 2 type frame and KH gen 1 (the one with nubs on cranks) trials wheel and i thaught well i am into new things and enjoy challenges and i tried and tried then b4 either of us knew it i waas riding still enjoy riding 1 and a half years later

I started riding because it looked cool and fun

My younger son and his friend have been into it for a few years, so I thought give it a go.
Now have 26" muni and go riding for hours.:smiley:

I started years ago because it really looked cool. I was already getting beaten up on a regular basis because I figure skated in a hockey town, so I figured, WTF, who cares. Might as well get beaten for riding a unicycle too.

Now I run a household that has 4 skaters billeting with me and I have taugh them all to ride in the last 8 months. Now they can do 50cm hops, one foot pedal and way more trials stuff than I can do, but thats the whole point really.
LEARN IT, LOVE IT, AND PASS IT ON. There is no greater joy in life than sharing your passion with others.

My friend has a Torker LX, and he was borrowing my electric guitar, so i borrowed his unicycle and then i liked it alot and then i bought one a few days later! And he has had it since october and can only bunnyhop like a few inches…haha, he isnt that good.

I saw a show on T.V. with some guys from Bend, Oregon who made MUnis and had seen the thing with Kris Holms and said “Thats it I am going to get one of those.” so I went to the only place I know to get one where I live, a juggling store, and bought one been riding for almost two years now and can ride backwards down stairs, ride forwards down stairs, ride backwards flatland, hop up curbs seat in and SIF, and do small rolling hops.

my cousin learned to ride, and sent me an old 24" uni. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and learned really quickly.

my sister got a torker cx and never rode it so i picked it up and started rideing

Same reasons plus this was my middle-aged crisis. It was a lot cheaper than a hand-made Italian sports car. :roll_eyes:

I was very impressed by some riders that I knew years ago and I decided I wanted to give it a try. Now, three years and 7 unicycles later, it is still fun. :slight_smile:

Middle age crisis :slight_smile:

LOL, I had this EXACT conversation with someone about a week ago when I told someone I was buying a unicycle…much cheaper than a sports car :slight_smile:


Much, Much cheaper than a middle-age-chrisis woman to sit in the sports car. Unicycle will last longer too. Requires no fore-play.

Much, Much cheaper than a middle-age-chrisis woman to sit in the sports car. Unicycle will last longer too. Requires no fore-play.

I was stalked by a unicycle.

It showed up in my garage one day. It stared me down every morning as I got into my truck to drive to work or school. It was there waiting for me when I got home. I was afraid it might try to jump off the wall and hit me in the head.

I figured the only way to disarm it was to ride it until it fell apart. So I rode it. The seat fell apart. A pedal fell off. The frame cracked. Jason: 1, Unicycles: 0.

I then bought a sentry unicycle to stave off the stalking unicycles. I keep it in my garage. I ride it aggressively to keep it in tip-top shape. Problem solved.

You know unicycles are for riding, right? I don’t want to know what you do with yours… shudders

Well over 35 years ago a friend of mine had a unicycle (he was the only person I had ever seen riding one other than a circus performer) I tried numerous times to learn how to ride his but was never successful.
Last summer on a whim I decided to try again. I bought myself a 24" uni and armed with some hot tips from the bike store owner who used to ride I headed home to tackle the beast. Three or four two hour sessions later I was up and riding.
I’m certainly no pro but I’m sure glad that I tried again and was able to succeed. Its been the most fun I’ve had in ages. Now if I can just get out of this wrist cast that the new DX 24 put me in two months ago I could get on with having some more fun.