Why did you start Riding?

My Experiance

My experience during cycling is wonderful. I have participated in the cycling in the trekking event that was held near our home town. It was around 20 km but full of hill stations.

Never Give Up

“Boys,” I said, “It’s all about perseverance and never giving up.” I proceeded to sit in my comfy lawn chair, watch, and give advice on center of gravity, leaning too much a certain way… “you gotta do this…you gotta do that.”

After a few months on my soap box about “you can do it” and the consistent advice (which came from NO experience on a unicycle whatsoever), my oldest said, “Hey dad, you talk a big game and keep telling us what to do…how come you don’t learn?”

So basically I was shamed into it :astonished: Well, that was the start of lots of laughter directed at me from my kids and wife. She remembers specifically the first time I sat on a 20" uni. She said I looked like a Koala Bear hugging a Eucalyptus tree as I held on to our van for dear life.

Fortunately, I stuck with it and we all ride as a family. Even bought the 4 year old a little 12 inch uni for her to learn this spring. Honestly, I did think for a time it was impossible … but I wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye if I had given up.

Yep, I remember thinking the same thing many times before it started to come together!

I, too, thought it was impossible many times while trying to figure out the P.O.S. plastic-tire uni I was trying to ride. But I kept reality-checking myself (eventually) that if other “mere mortals” were doing it in my neighborhood, there’s no reason I couldn’t learn.

I had the coolest gym teacher in elementary school. Taught us all kinds of stuff. Gymnastics, juggling, unicycling, typical sports, tai chi. So glad I learned how to juggle and unicycle

Two years ago I bought me a fatbike, a friend built it for me from individual parts. I thought it was the end of my dreams, a kind of Harley Davidson when you are 50+. To make a long story short, on holidays I was sitting in a french cafe having a rest from fatbiking, when that young girl, about 15 years old, came along with her mountain unicycle. That moment I was immediately hooked.
It took me about a month before a friend lent me an old unicycle and it took me two months before I had my own.
Until then I knew unicycles only as a child´s toy and never considered it as a mean of transport.

Are there other unicyclists out there, who started in their advanced life without unicycling as a kid?

Here is a thread you should read: Another beginner - Devon UK.

Also, check out the posts by LanceB. I’m not sure if he has a dedicated thread, but he has a very interesting story.

Both the above riders started when they were around 60 years old, and both demonstrated great perseverance.

Yes, Spinningwoman and LanceB as mentioned. And I learned to ride a unicycle four years ago and you can do the math. :slight_smile:

I’ve told variations of the story in a few other topics, but basically by my forties all my running buddies had become ex-runners. I starting bicycling more, thinking I might find some people to ride with, but it seemed like I was too slow for the fast riders, too fast for the slow riders, too boring for the partiers, and not snobby enough for the snobs. One night I was online looking at options to upgrade my fixed-gear bike and had a sudden thought to look at unicycles. Because if I’m going to be riding by myself, I could ride whatever I like. An hour later I had ordered a 20" Avenir from Amazon and the rest is history.

I pictured myself riding a uni when I was a kid but that was as far as it got until I saw a little uni in a garage sale for $10 when I was 54.

Loads of us on here - I was 41 when I started (if that’s old enough). After I’d retired from racing multisport at a very high level which didn’t really leave time for messing around with things like unicycles - I’d been interested for a long time.

I started at 50, when my wife brought a broken unicycle home from the dump. Once it worked, there was no one to test ride it so I had to learn. It sort of took over my life for a while after that…

It was fun riding with you too. As weird as Portland is, uni guys are not common.

Start at 47

When I was about 35 years old, a student of mine, 12 years old, brought her unicycle along and demonstrated her skills. She asked me, if I wanted a try so I made a go for it. The next 10 minutes I spent holding on to a railing with both hands and falling off the uni every five seconds.
Two or three years later another student showed off some skills. In the pre-Christmas-season my wife, as usual, asked me I there was anything particular I’d want for Christmas and I said “a unicycle”. She said “you’re crazy” and that was the end of the discussion.
This ritual repeated until 2014. 2015 was the first year I didn’t repeat the wish and Chrismas 2015 offered ma a 20" Qu-Ax. I was committed from then on.
Having been a runner for all my life I never thought I could get hooked on a sport relying on mechanical devices. But now I know better. There are so many different skills to be learned I now pity the fact I didn’t learn unicycling much earlier.

As I scientifically work on understanding and directing learning prozesses, being able to experience this self directed learning process is doubly fascinating.

Meanwhile I own two unis (the other is a KH27.5). Currently I practice riding with both hands on the saddle, moderately rough terrain riding and hopping. (This causes neck pain two days after).
The only drawback on unicycling is, that there are so few people who engage in muni and road unicycling. It’s a very solitary sport.

Hi Onewheelhenni, I don’t think it’s a drawback, I think it’s a chance to meet people with the same energy.
Look at my profile, I live about 60 km from your place.

started to unicycle in my late 50’s

I’m sure I’ve answered this before, but each time I tell it I emphasize differing influences.
This thread’s version…

1st exposure. My brother’s friend was practicing on his unicycle while I was waiting for the library in town to open and asked me if I’d like to give it a try. I couldn’t sit on it, but I admired his being able to ride. I was curious enough to try to find out more, but information then was a bit hard to come by…
**Several decades later the village I lived in then had a guy in his 20’s who would unicycle past my house on his way to meetings or while running errands. I was fascinated. This man was using the unicycle for actual transportation! He was relatively skilled and a not put out by my dumb questions.
It was shortly after that I moved to live in cooperative housing and had my recumbent bike ‘accidentally’ smashed beyond my affording its repairs in the community bike room. I told myself my next transport was going to be small enough to I would take it to my personal space.
About the same time, I once again injured my back. Some of the therapy exercises on the stationary bike reminded me of the posture of unicyclists I had seen. I asked the therapist about maybe taking up unicycling. She endorsed it as a way to strengthen my near non existent core muscles though she couldn’t promise it would help.

It still seemed like a fool’s errand to purchase a unicycle. Nevertheless the days of work I lost from chronic back injuries made me desperate to try anything.

I won’t get further into this story now…, but that is what got me started riding.

***I wish I could thank the unicycle man who commuted on it in Charlotte, Michigan. If anyone has a clue who this might be please pass on my gratitude.