Why did you start Riding?

New here, and this seems like a good place to begin… I’ve been riding [a 20" nimbus trials uni] for about 6 months, having bought it just after Christmas 2016. My reasons are multiple: I’ve always wanted to learn (I enjoy many so-called “odd” hobbies) and my parents wouldn’t buy me one when I was much younger. Now I’m quite a lot older and gainfully employed, so unicycle.com!

What finally pushed me to get into it, at 32 years old: I’m a mototrials rider and wanted some balance training that didn’t involve much maintenance or fuel, and bicycling just wasn’t doing it for me.

What pushed me to stick with it: many things come fairly easily to me, and I expected this to be something like that. You know, 2-3 hours and I’d be riding 100ft and such. I sure was wrong about that, and I love a good challenge. I’ve recently started riding the 20" on some local MTB single track trails and have had a blast, so on to the next chapter: this week I ordered a 26" nimbus oracle muni, and it should be here shortly after the holiday weekend :sunglasses:

I’ve always been a cyclist I cycled to school when I was 5.

When I was about 21, I took up Morris dancing: a traditional English ritual/performance dance. In 1987, I took on the role of Fool (hence, Mikefule). The Fool has a special role in the Morris performance and is generally expected to do amusing things.

Around that time, I saw a professional tightrope walker performing at Nottingham Riverside Festival. His act included riding a unicycle on the highwire. I spoke to him after the show and he told me about Pashley unicycles. Pashley is an English cycle manufacturer specialising in nostalgia/retro bikes, trikes, and tandems.

I made further inquiries and, ironically, found that the nearest Pashley dealer was Halfords - one of the biggest and best known cycle shop chains in the UK. I ordered a “Pashley UMX” - a 20" uni with a BMX tyre. It was an awful thing with a crude and uncomfortable seat, and lollipop bearings held in with self tapping screws.

Pashley’s advertising literature referred to the UMX being suitable for “unicycle yomping”. This meant cross country riding. "Yomping"was still a word in the public consciousness as it had been used in reports of the Falklands conflict in 1982. (Soldiers “yomped” when they marched cross country with full kit.)

I used the unicycle in Morris performances and also rode it around the local nature reserve. This was the limit of my unicycling ambition for many years.

Then, in the mid 2000s (around 2005?) I decided I needed to lose weight and get fit. I lived in a tiny house and had little room to store a bicycle. I considered a folding bike and, on a whim, I searched for “unicycle”.

Within a short period, I bought a Pashley 26" Muni, followed by a Nimbus 20", followed in due course by a Nimbus 24, Nimbus 28, a Coker Big One, then a KH24, KH29, a Nimbus 36 (to replace the Big One), then a Nimbus 24" UW, then a KH36 to replace the Nimbus 36. I also briefly owned a hand made “vintage” unicycle.

There was also a brief period when I had two very crude home built giraffes, assembled around frames welded together from chopped up bicycles.

John Foss got so much of that he’s giving it away to other riders. Got Corbin and I a sweet gig, we’re still working on spending all the money that rolled in from that event.

How 'bout you give John a call, he’ll set you up.

Ever since the sexy t-shirt incident that Foss bankrolled (and probably profited from enormously) he has been using his caller ID to selectively exclude me. He is oh, so much wiser than he looks.

Think I was 28 when I learned to uni. Saw a cheap trials for sale on a forum I frequent (was £50 posted) so treated myself for my birthday.
Took it to work for a week on nights (I work as a signalman) and basically self taught in the box over the space of the week.
Bought myself a 29er a few months later and loved it ever since!

We were so popular at that event, they even forgot to call us up to come back the following year!

Looking at those pictures, I’m reminded that they did put quite a lot of effort into making that Trials course, and that was pretty cool.

It looked fun.

This is my 4th week at it, and I can now usually manage to freemount within a minute of failures.

Turns out I was right, it is fun!

I blame it on that joint😁

There’s a park near me where people sometimes practice circus-related skills, but when the weather is nice, slacklines inevitably get commandeered by screaming children and their hovering parents. A guy who sometimes brings circus props to this free-for-all had some rickety little unicycles that people had given him, and I eventually started riding one of them, partly just to avoid the crowds.

I was 45 and never had wanted to unicycle before that, but in the four years that have passed since then, I have only rarely gone more than a couple of days without riding. I am now past the stage where you come back from each session with a new skill, but am still amazed at how much stuff you can learn to do on a unicycle. SIF, one-footed riding, wheel walking- learning each one of them has been a bit like learning to ride all over again. My street uni is my favorite, obviously, but I also have a 29” with a tire that is getting almost as bald as I am.

You used circus props and skills to avoid crowds? Genius! An elaborate bluff indeed.

Well, you can’t use a slackline to flee from a crowd, unless it’s a very long slackline, and even then they’ll probably follow you.

Not if you can slackline and the crowd can’t

Because my older brother did it and I just followed in his footsteps.

I have over the course of my life learned a few balance based hobbies, like skating etc, so I figured it was time I learned how to unicycle! I googled it a bit and was not only glad to see that I could buy a good quality unicycle online, I also saw a lot videos of people on youtube showing me how to do it!

The most inspiring videos were by Terry Peterson, who convinced me that being middle aged was no hindrance to my ability to learn! He also extolled the health benefits of unicycling, which as someone who spends a lot of time in front of the TV is just what the doctor ordered!

I have always been envious of people who have a hobby they are passionate about as I have been looking for something my whole life! My search is over, I am a unicyclist!

Love this :slight_smile:

Unicycle was my christmas wish at 12. Parents bought me a schwinn 20". Practicing on a parking lot in a Michigan winter makes for hard falls. That summer, after learning to not fall constantly, I tried to ride with friends who were on bikes for maybe a mile. I couldn’t keep up of course and I was sore for a week. I concluded early on that unicycling was novel and got attention but not practical transportation. That uni spent most it’s time in the garage till I sold it.
When I was 20, I was serving my country aboard a USN aircraft carrier. While helping to clean out a storage space, we unburied a unicycle. Had to have been there for years. I grabbed it and declared ownership. Only needed to repair the flat tire. I rode it a few times on the flight deck and below in the hanger bay a time or two. No soft landings anytime on those surfaces so I used a “must land on feet” rule. I left it when I transfered.
I discovered the Kris Holm brand unicycle from reading a positive review calling the KH29 an awsome ride years before finally purchasing one. For some reason or other, I hesitated pulling the trigger. I finally did invest in the 29er for my 50th birthday. That first day, I learned the importance of leg armor protection. My calf looked like it got attacked by a tiger. The spikes on the pedals can bite hard. Many times since I have declared saved by the armor after dangerous landings. Never rode or will ride without armor again.
Six years later, MUNI riding is clearly my favorite thing to do.When people ask about it, I tell them to get one and practice.
Don’t know anyone that has taken my advice. So many other things to spend money,time, and energy on.

Last year, I bought a Nimbus Hatchet. Had to see what the fat tire craze was about.
Riding the Hatchet in snow was more fun than I expected.

It was fun riding with you 2 years ago in summer 2015! I almost bought a Hatchet but went for the KH 29+ instead, which for everything except snow/sand is similar and almost as good but lighter. I’m loving it and can run it down under 12psi with awesome bump absorption and grip! I was surprized that I can even ride it on steep downhill, and managed to ride it for the Downhill race last weekend in Italy (only 19th overall, but 3rd place in over-40 age group).


I’m 50 now. When I was 15 I saw a flyer for an auction that had a unicycle as one of the items up for grabs. So I rode my 10 speed bike to the auction and won the unicycle for $15. I carried it home on my 10 speed and self taught myself to go around 50 feet over that summer. That was about as good as I got until about 10 years ago when I decided to really learn to ride. Now I have a collection and am working on a unicycle documentary! (Shooting for completion by the end of June. I might make the deadline, or I might not. We’ll see.)

And yes, I still have that first unicycle.

I wanna see that!

Many stills and other related material here. Hopefully it will be out soon.