Why did you ever take up unicycling?

For me, I think it was an article some years ago that said that unicycling had become a sport and was no longer just a curiosity practiced by clowns. That made me really interested. I don’t remember the later evolution that turned my curiosity to the actual pursuit of that sport to the point of ordering one and starting to learn.

Another reason was that I wanted to go beyond bicycling, to take the next step. And I had nowhere to go other than the unicycle. We begin with three wheels as small children, then pass on to two wheels when we become a little older. But after we master two wheels, the only step forward that remains to be made would be learning to unicycle!!!

To meet clowns. What other reason could there possibly be?

Started for the exercise. Hoped to do muni, but haven’t really made the grade. Continue to do it for fun and exercise.

I saw one being rode once and wanted to try, no other reason really. I just thought it looked rad.

I dont know, I wanted one since 8 years old I think. I had one at my 9th years old birthday. I started only at 10 years old because it was too high, we didn’t thought of cutting the seatpost a bit.

I was 9 or 10 when I got my first unicycle. I remember seeing one hanging upside down at a local bike shop in Redondo Beach, CA, and I was intrigued! So my parents bought it for me-I don’t remember the brand but it was a 20" with a white wall tire and shiny chrome frame, and I loved it!

I was riding it up & down the street in no time and doing all sorts of little tricks. I could ride one-footed, backward, spin in a tight circle, pick up coins off the ground, ride down stairs.

I must have had 3 or 4 unis, including a schwinn 24" (made in Chicago) in the 1 or 2 years that I was riding. I lost interest at about age 12 and started riding my first of MANY schwinn stingrays! My five-speed fenderless stick shift with the tall sissy bar was my personal fav! :sunglasses:

It wasn’t until about 38 years later (on the eve of my 50th b-day, 12/05) that I stumbled upon THIS website, then UDC, and saw how uni-technology had made quantum leaps in quality, and that there were actually MOUNTAIN unicycles! Going on 4 years since I started again and love it more than ever. :slight_smile:

I saw them in a parade at age 5 or 6. It intrigued me since then, but didn’t get my hands on one until age 14. That one fell apart from me trying to ride it (maybe if I’d been 5 it would have been strong enough). I finally learned on a “proper” unicycle, a Schwinn Giraffe, at age 17. And the rest is ancient history.

i saw this on youtube


I had already bought my first learner uni before I saw this. But it wasnt untill I saw this, that I knew you could do tricks and jumps on them.

I should have said that I first started because my father encouraged all five of us kids to ride, not that he ever rode. Then about 35 years later, I took it up again to lose weight.

Well my wife came home one day and told me her boss bought one for his son. Then I realized it was just another challenge I had to under take.

That’s pretty much how it went for me. I saw a guy riding down the sidewalk once, started googling and shortly after that bought my unicycle. That was about three years ago and I only figured out how to ride it this spring, but it’s all good.

I saw Kris Holm on TV. I thought, “that is the coolest thing ever!” I then got one about a month later.

i started unicycling because i gained inspiration from watching the people at uninats 09. and watching my brother too. :slight_smile:

Oh its you :sunglasses: I was wondering who you were.Good to hear youre into trials

Three of my friends could ride, so they let me borrow one to learn on.

yeah, hey Micheal. yeah i’m enjoying trials, not that good, but yeah i’ve been practising since watching the nats.

A week ago I saw some craigslist ad for donating bike parts to a local club. I googled the club, which led to the local forums. A unicycle message caught my eye which had a link to a local guy’s videos.

Until this I had never realized muni existed or was possible.
I bought a unicycle off craigslist last Wednesday, and now I’m working to get the skills to ride the local trails.

Well I never figured I would bother registering here but I figured it would be good to post in this thread if only to explore the question for my own peace of mind. I am a 34 year old married to a wonderful wife, I have 2 kids and she has 3 (counting me) :smiley:

I don’t know when I first wanted to ride a unicycle, I would probably have been 10 or 12 years old. Since then it has always been something in the back of my mind that I would like to be able to do.

Well fast forward to last week …I was discussing juggling with a co-worker and he mentioned that he used to be in a juggling club and had a unicycle. I mentioned that I had always wanted to learn to ride one and he offered to lend me his…now I am off on the slippery slope of learning to ride a bike all over again.

My wife does think I am nuts, the kids think it is great.

My goal is to be able to go for a ride with my kids. They ride considerably slower on their bikes then I would if I rode a regular bike. I am hoping that a unicycle will give me a way to stay at their pace but still keep it interesting for me.
This may not seem like a lofty goal to some but that is what is important to me.

Started doing road races about 15 years ago. Marathons, halfs and 10K’s.
I used to ride bicycle as cross training excercise.
After about 9 years I of running, it became boring, I got older and slower, so I almost quit running altogether.

Then I stumbld upon the wonderful world of joggling (running and juggling simulateously)
Perry (www.justyouraveragejoggler.com) has a joggling blog, and put up a clip of him unicycling as cross training for joggling.

I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Up to that point I can’t recall ever seeing a real life unicyclist.

I eventually managed to find one, taught myself with internet tutorials, and since then I’ve done a bit of Muni and a lot of road races on my 36’’.
Even did the odd duathlon (joggling and then uni, while others run and cycle)

Joggling and unicycling have unbelievably much in common, both way more fun than one would expect judging from how silly it look.
I think uni is actually much closer to running than it is to bicycling.