Why can't unicyclists afford a SECOND wheel ????

Are they so poor that they have to use the unicycle or what? I mean,
some people can afford vehicles with not only 2, not only 3 , but 4
(!!!) wheels !!!

Don’t feed the troll. This guy posts inflammatory remarks in the bicycling newsgroups. Seems he has now managed to find the r.s.u. newsgroup. Just ignore him.

Oh jeez, its Bruno again. Bruno, why do you like to get us eurnicyclrers all rilded up? Don’t you have anything better to do? Did you see the picture someone drew of you making fun of you? it was hilareous. anyway, to answer your question riding on one wheel is fun, and different. It creates a new kind of challenge, I think you should give it a try.

Any other questions?

Yes, I am tooo poor… if only I had enough money to buy a second wheel, but alas, I can only afford a $450 trials uni, a $350 commuter uni, and a $150 BC Wheel… The last one I couldn’t even afford a seat for… :frowning:

That’s exactly what I say. If I’m so poor, why do I blow $300 on a 4 stupid little hunks hunks of metal called a profile hb and crankset?

can this guys ip be blocked somehow?

edit: bruno, register just for the hell of it, i dare you

I second the dare,thats a double dog dare.


He’s trying to flood the scot.ltd newsgroup with crossposts. Stuff from the forum isn’t crossposted anywhere else so you’re not adding to anything, but there’s a lesson about not feeding the trolls here…


It’s kind of ironic that we unicyclists get this ‘…affording a second wheel…’ comment, when a fair proportion of us tend to have more total wheels than cyclists.

Currently I’ve got five wheels in the house (a 26x3, 24x3, 29-er and two 20" (and that’s not included the extra four that I have on bicycles)).

Because… they don’t need it.