Why can't i just buy a normal unicycle wheel!!

Does any one know where the hell i can get just a normal wheel that is cheap. becuase every where i look they are £60 + , and i don’t need some fancy indestructible wheel i just want one for a project i am building, and i read u can’t use bike wheels cos their bearings are on the inside and need to be on the outside for the pedals to connect straight to the axle.

Can anyone help?


Not certain what your project is, but why not but a cheapo Uni off Ebay and use the wheel. They are less that 20. Available in the UK? Not sure.Worth a check, tho.


What kind of wheel are you looking for? For cheap, you could just get a torker CX wheelset, or sun or united or somthing like that.

The whole wheelset, or just the rim, or the axle or what? Look at unicycle.com.

Is this what your looking for?


or this?


or this?




Just wondering. I know its unicycle.com and not the uk version but they could probably get them for ya.

why is exactly the same item loads more expencive on the UK site?



Stuff generally seems to be cheaper in the US, I remember being shocked by how much you pay for CDs and movies in britain (I won’t mention the cost of gasoline in your country)


Yer its £15.00 for an album ($27.00) that sucks maybe its cos they have to import it or there is less demand here

No, its cos they can rip us off for every penny we have, by charging over the odds for stuff that should cost little or nothing. I remember seeing a few weeks ago a big uproar in the states about the possibility of new console (Xbox 360, PS3 etc) games costing as much as $60! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: !!111!!1. They’ve cost £45 ($75-$80) here for as long as I can remember, even back to the N64 days.

Damn VAT. Loose.

It’s shipping, import tax and VAT of course. (I believe teleporting shipments may be able to reduce these costs)
as for fuel, CDs & non-imported items, etc - see Loosemoose above.