Why Can't I Have These Trails

Check this video out of the trials and Muni aspect of extreme…This is tight…I want something that technical out where i am…Sick of the easy downhills that are local…anyone else have this problem??

I only saw trails at the beginning, and they didn’t look that extreme. I have a hard believing there isn’t something similar in Colorado. :thinking:

hey man, yeah agreed most of the boulder area trails aren’t that technical.
have you ever done White Ranch out by golden? it pretty technical, i’ve done it twice. To tell the truth ikind of think that trails cursed, the first time irode it I snapped my frame, and the second time i broke my foot. it sucked…

Ya i love that place but the problem is that i don t drive yet and so i have to ride to any good spots and thats a bitch even if i take my san jose and then lock up its a pain. YOu can’t find a nice technical after school ride anywhere too close…

Cool Video - MUni and Trials

That was a cool video some of those trails were pretty cool. The trials riding can be done in any city with some hills.

That is a problem. Muni is very popular with Yuppie men in thier late 20s and thirties. However junior high and high schoolers can’t get to good trails. Therefore street and trials seems to be much more popular with the younger age groups. Even if there are good trails only 10 to 15 miles away it is very hard for people without cars to get to them.


This is why some people have friends.

(For a MUni rider living in Boulder, Owen and Jim Roberts would be good friends to have).

Raised muni trails are loads of fun, so is tech dowhill. But nothing like that is near me :(I’m also scared of going fast now ever since a fall haha.

Im talking not just some random guy who thinks he’s the shit and is a middle aged creeper… Other KIDS just dont have the resources to do that kind of thing all the time…

i’v kinda been thinking the same thing lately, and this is the solution i’ve comeup with; go to UBC for college. The trails in vancouver are the coolest trails ive ever ridden, and UBC’s a good college. i still have anouther 2 years of high school though…

Middle aged creepers don’t want to ride with punk ass kids anyways. :roll_eyes:

So does that mean this is just a whining thread? How come this trail can’t be in my back yard or something like that? Somebody has to build those trails. You (and your fellow KIDS) can build something too.

Tholub was trying to help, I think. You’re welcome.

Owen Roberts would be surprised to learn that he’s a middle aged creeper.

This is why some people don’t have friends.

X 2

…Sorry, but I had to do that…

You guys like to arge and that just proves my point that it must hurt really bad to be called a creeper…neways i am going to ubc for college bro…thats my top pick cause you can do everything there…i have built some trals courses out near where i live…i was only commenting about a good long distance trial ride with some major technicals…i know all about building trails as well since i worked for the city as well…i think we all got our wires crossed…no offense to all the older riders…its just my outlook on boulder middle aged men that would contact a 16 year old to go for a ride with him alone…hmmm somehow that didn’t come out right again…

thanks to puresyn for this quote

" Winning an argument on the internet is like winning in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still a retard "

How about: “Never argue with a moron. He’ll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

I’m done.

A moron? Dude you love to argue cause your a creeper…just look at your avatar.

I think this may be a reflection on your own thought processes rather than reality (in Boulder or any other place).

Don’t worry none of us (myself, or Owen or Nate) will contacting you for any reason.

Okay, in that case I’m going to think of you as two-dimensional. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see you too live in boulder… are you going to the colorado muni fest?http://www.coloradomuni.com/
Also, when you say nate, do you mean nate bernstein? just wonderin

Don’t know yet.