Why can i not get my password?!?!

Ok the only reason i am posting is because it remebers me when i come back to the site, and auto logs me in. Well i went to make a gallery, and i couldnt remember my password. So after 20 minutes of searching i found the " Forgot your password" place. ( It is in User Cp in Edit Password. I click that and it sends me an e-mail to a link. It then sends me another e-mail giving me a new password. The password is some odd number, so i copy and paste it, and i try to change the password. When i do this, it tells me to log in before i can change my password! How can i log in if i dont know it?! All the odd password unicyclist.com has sent (ive gone through this process 3 times) dont work. All i want to do is make a gallery!
Please help
I am going to try logging out, and then logging back in, and if it doesnt work then you wont see me for a while until i get this figured out.

Better put- I can log in with the weird number password, but when i try to change it, or make a gallery, it tells me to log in again. I try and it says the password is wrong. Anybody?
My dads digital camera is finally working, and i want to post some pics

Responded via email.

The change password thing is just for the forum and is something I should disable as it doesn’t change the password for the other unicyclist.com services.

so what can i do to make a gallery?

I mean what can i do to make an album?

First look at the email I sent you, then check out the instructions at http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=17288

Thanks a lot Gilby, im uploading pics now!