why are there less chrome unicycles nowadays?

I noticed that more and more unicycles nowadays have painted frames instead of chromed frames. Given that chrome holds up better to scratches, rain, and won’t fade under sunlight, why do people want painted frames?

It seems to me that a muni frame that is going receive a lot of abuse should be chromed. I understand that chroming is bad environmentally (especially in small shops which cut corners on chemical safety), I doubt this is the reason that people are choosing to buy painted frames.


have you been at a gathering of 20+ riders?

It’s tough picking out YOUR chrome unicycle!

I’m guessing it’s just a style thing, in much the same way that chrome on cars has all but disappeared…


I never have really gone for the chrome look. It just has too much of a “Hey Look at Me” kind of feel to it. So when I saw that some Uni’s were black I was pretty excited.

As for cars, chrome is very popular for Dubs and Sprewell’s. Gotta have your 24’s. :roll_eyes:

coz if you get a painted frame it can get a bit scratched and beaten up looking and it looks like you’ve been doing lots of really serious riding and it makes you look really good. Chrome just doesn’t show the battle scars as well.


chrome is so ugly… for me it really is a style thing.

Paint isn’t the way to go…
Powder coating holds up way better.

Coloured unicycles are so sweet.

Check out some at either of these links:

Watch for 2 new colours in the next couple days !!
I have a bunch in my shop and they are awesome !!

I sent a MUni to Texas today with a RED Alex rim
and a high gloss Black frame and a frame to Memphis.

Don’t be left out, order a coloured frame, hub or rim and feel the difference !
I have hundreds in stock.


It’s all about color, baby.

Powdercoating is where it’s at now. The custom unicycles that I’ve built have all been powdercoated, it’s a necesity as far as I’m concerned. This stuff holds up incredibly, and is very aesthetically pleasing.

I totally agree about the powder coating our frames, or getting one which is powder coated.
But on my way out for my ride yesterday, I dropped my set of keys on my frame, how I don’t know but I did. And I looked down and noticed not a chip or anything big, but a wee little gouge, or dent, I don’t know what you would call it. I think it was just an odd occasion that this would have happened, but it did. So I’m wondering just how durable it is supposed to be. I know stupid question, just something that stuck out in my mind…
Oh and so you know why I brought this up, I’m a wuss and try my darndest to keep things ( my unis ) in the best of condition…

I’m ready, make fun of me… ha

I just like a uni with color better. With that said, all my unicycles are chrome. :frowning: One day I will get my Muni painted, or powdercoated.

But, I should have custom aluminum uni on a big brown truck. Then all my uni’s will not be chrome. --chirokid–

Of course, the best look is to get a brushed stainless steel frame. Not that I’m biased or anything…

painted unis, especially if its custom (as in one of darrens or self painted as opposed to a stock painted frame (onza or kh)) add character. im about to paint my chrome yuni frame for my muni. even though im using crummy spray paint and it will chip off, it will feel more like my uni because no one else has one just like it.

weird that uni on the right looks a lot like mine is that a nimbus XXX frame on it?

I think shiny chrome unicycles look great once they’ve got mud all over them. They show the dirt well.

Black frames look okay, but I always think that black is a really dull way to make things look cool. It’s a bit identikit cool in my opinion, kind of like being a Goth seems to be at the moment in music.


I will have to disagree with you there, Joe!

I have powdercoated my MUni mat black, with yellow flame stickers and silver brake… I think it looks cool! MUni
It also shows the dirt up well!

I also got my Trials powdercoated green, which also looks cool! Trials

The paint has been really good. The trials is starting to get marked, but less than I thought, considering the amount of abuse it gets! :stuck_out_tongue:


But there are more chrome unicycles. Lots more. Unicycling is continuing to gain in popularity, and probably about 99% of them are chrome. Maybe only 95%, but that would probably be the low extreme.

But there are also more choices of unicycle, and for the minority of us who like to own more than one, ride with others, etc., we like to dress them up. Some people want color, some want their cycles to stand out. And apparently some want their cycles to look beat-up on purpose:

But if you have real battle scars, they’ll show up on chrome just fine. I have some old unis like this. Rusty scratches on a Schwinn frame show the cycle has been around!

But professional riders on the stage almost always use chrome unicycles, because they show up nicely, don’t look dirty when they are, and can take a beating.

Re: why are there less chrome unicycles nowadays?

johnfoss escribió:

> But there are more chrome unicycles. Lots more. Unicycling is
> continuing to gain in popularity, and probably about 99% of them are
> chrome. Maybe only 95%, but that would probably be the low extreme.
I wonder if the black torker LX will change that proportion. From
what I have noticed (from going to bike stores in Colorado, Texas, and
Indiana), there are only three brands that are commonly available in
bike stores in the US: Torker, Savage, and Sun. I think more and more
beginners will be starting out on a Torker LX in the future. Everytime
I walk into a bike store, I make a point of asking if they can order
unicycles. If they show me a picture of a Savage, I always try to
persuade them that they should NOT sell that unicycle to a beginner.
Am I being overbearing to do this, or do other people also do

In the past I’m guessing it was pretty much impossible to get a stock uni in anything other than chrome. Kinda reminds me of a quote by Henry Ford when he started mass-producing the Model-T Ford automobile:
People can get one in any color they want, so long as it’s black."

I think it’s better that we can get uni’s in colors other than chrome for a myriad of reasons that have been stated.


Re: Re: why are there less chrome unicycles nowadays?

I support that. You should give them a reason. “Torker isn’t much more but is an infinately better unicycle.”

Personally I like painted. All the cheap unicycles are chrome so I kinda have that image, at the moment. Of course I know expensive ones do too…

Chrome has no personality. :slight_smile: