Why are some topics so far off with their activity dates?

For example in Off-Topic, the dates are different (going back years), but in reality the threads haven’t been touched for perhaps a decade.

For example this thread says Oct 2019 in the category view, but the last post was in 2008 (who likes the new look unicyclist.com?)

I’d understand if the dates were all the same (migration date), but why do some incorrectly say they were updated in the last few years when in fact they were last updated over a decade ago?

It’s because the last post was a spam from 2019 that I removed during the migration process:

The last activity date remained unchanged though.

I can reset the last date activity, but I have to do it manually.

Ahh, that makes sense.

A reply 11 years later does seem a little mad though. Perhaps there should be a lock on these eventually after all!

Although sometimes things like this happen!


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Are some of the out of sync longer threads also spam related, or is this a different (size?) issue?


I’m not sure what you mean by “out of sync”, but for this topic there was also spam as the last post:

If you look at the right hand side date bar, it says 6725 Mar 2019, whereas I’m actually at the Sep 2019 position.

It seems to go wrong somewhere around 2017.

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Ah, yes, and the timeline cursor goes a bit off when we drag it. Weird.

I’ll investigate.