Why are some so scared to post

I see dozens of people from time to time that have been registered since jan. 2003 and they’ve only posted about 9 times. You all should post, youre most likely cool people with imput.

Maybe they don’t live on the internet, like the rest of us hermits.

possibly, but they should at least say something

I find that my views are often already voiced by one or more posters by time I get to the thread, so I don’t even bother.

I also agree that a lot of people might not spend much time online or, more specifically, on these forums.

And I think that some people are just “chattier” than others. Even though I check for new posts a dozen times a day, I tend to lurk and just read.

It’s a mystery, really.

I resent that…

Maybe I don’t spend a lot of time posting… but I do spend a lot of time learning from others… I haven’t felt the need to contribute to anything yet.

As soon as I see something that I feel I could help with (Although I’ve only been uniing since january) I will certainly post then.

Otherwise, I’ll retreat back into the shadows and watch from a distance.


Normally before i post, i’ll do a search first. Most of the time the search will provide me with what i want to know, so i just don’t post much :smiley:

I don’t post much any more my unicycle life is good and i don’t need any help i have a great muni, i want an onza hub/cranks for the trials i know it fit’s ect ect so i am good the only reason i come on at the mo is because the moab pictures are being posted. Remember that some people have more then 1 name like me i don’t use the other one at all i can’t even remember what it is let alone the password!

AMEN!! So a lot of the “lurkers” out there might be smarter than the ones who frequently jump in with common questions.

I believe a lot of the readers of these forums are looking for information, and don’t necessarily have anything to say (yet). That’s why we’re putting it up here, for people to read.

i have just started searching before asking witghin the last few weeks. shhhh dont tell people to do that then the forums will die.:slight_smile:

how can anyone not want to post its know fun if you don’t anyone out there who is reading this but hasn’t posted a message themselves don’t worry nobody will laugh at you (only with you!)
and once you start posting you can’t stop!
or as the pringles man with the italian moustache would say:

‘once you pop you can’t stop!’


I think it’s funny how a few people who i’ve never seen post before posted responses to this questions… I think this whole thread was a trick to bring them out of hiding!!


ps. all of yous who haven’t shown yourselves yet, run, while theres still time!!!

maybe not so much a trick as a friendly invitation?