why am i loosing so may pins

since i got my mosh pedals i have lost 4 pis on my right one and thats the foot i dont do any thing with. the pis that are missing ar theones on the outside edge of the pedal and there threads are at like a 45 degree angle so they have no grip inside the pedal body. is there any place i can get more pegs or any thing. and can i use loktite?

They may be faulty, we had a batch of Blue VP566 pedals which had all the threads stripped on them. We with drew the from the market and waited for a new batch to come in they were ok.


get the strongest type of locktite and put that on, be sure to tighten them once and a while to keep them in.

he is talking about the unremovable ones on the sides.

they arent quite unremovable but theyrs no hex head or phillips thing to grip them with to remove them, i dont think they wete made to come out. plus i actually loose them and since the threads are so steep i cant find any pins to fit. i think ill go to the bs tomorrow where i got them and ask about any warranties or anything.

I have a set of Mosh pedals that also seems to loose the pins easy, though they are on a bike. But the pins have literally been pushed out, taking the threads with them. Blame is on soft cast aluminum.