whts the best thing to do on a cold, windy day?

with a unicycle. :thinking:

Wear a toque and gloves…

Or not. Ride it.

Ride up hills in the trees… Keeps you warm and keeps the wind off… :wink:

Or… ride in a warehouse or a factory or something… do indoor industrial trials…


what about a cold windy and ICY day?

uhm… repair ur unicycle? adjust your spokes… and go watcha good movie… and hope for the weather to clear. Or ride in car parks… i know all about that!

Those days are fun to ride, but only if you’re in the mood. The wind makes the ride a challenge, but it can also be frustrating. And watch out when the wind is behind you riding out - it’s amazing how much harder to come back it is.

Otherwise, maintainence is a good thing.

Wht^ Dan,need to unicycle together this weekend, its been like 3 months, well i put on a light sweat shirt and ride, i was just out there, ive gotten in 3 hours today, doing crankflips up curbs, and 1 steps, in about 30 minutes im going out to try hickflips up curbs, wish me luck!

(pray for my sis and her friends, her friends were in a car accident and were lifted to the hospital, and she needs some comferting, their in the intensive care unit)

freestyle and flatland in your house…

Ride into the wind and pretend you are riding up hill.

A unicyclist from Kansas told me one time that wind is their substitute for hills.

The last two days it has been snowing and really windy. So i just put on a hoddy and some gloves and rode. THe find that the wind make a nice little chalenge to keep you on your sharp.

I was just out agian, and it hurts to type, my fingers are soooo frozen.
The wind isnt that bad Dan, It is about 26 right now, ampient, but its supposed to get up to 60 on monday, just work on unispins in your basement, you dont have much room, but you have enough.
Or in your garage, on cold days, when my dad is working in our basement, so i cannot unicycle, i first usually get the cars out of the drive-way, then unicycle, work on things that dont take up much space, like unispins, for you seatdrops, or something to work on your balance, at least untill you are used to the cold and can go out in the wind, the wind is reallllllllly cold outside though, i was just out for 20 minutes, its harsh, was better in the daytime, I think it is supposed to get up to 40 then sunday is 36, then it warms up for 2 days, so just outlast the weather for a while.

times like that just suk…
its finally warming up here in here colorado but the weather is so changing all the time…its annoying…it was just 70 the other day and todays high was 50 or sumthing…
luky for me im the only in the basement most the time so when i feel like it i ride…or take couches that no one uses and jump on those…its fun!!try to crank stall or pedal stall on the arms…it demolishes the cushoning like crazy…

Move to Florida… :wink:

We get our share of wind but I think it is bearable because it isn’t icy. On a windy day (like today appears to be) I like to go into the woods and ride the trails. The trees give a bit of protection and it is a lot more fun than riding out in the open and being slung down by moving air. :smiley:

I’ve also noticed that it seems to be easier to ride my 24 than my light 29 on a really windy day. Is it weight… or height? … hmm

Move to australia, it’s windy most of the time here. :smiley: :smiley:

Indoor freestyle.

Ohh i like that. I might wanna try it someday as i will soon try indoor Trials. :smiley: :smiley:

Well, teach your sister to unicycle…in a garage:D

Only if the unicycle is a crappy one. I wouldn’t let my sister ride my coker, giraffe or DX. That’s why i have a scorpion protecting them. 1 wrong move and it’s all over. :smiley: :smiley:

On a cold windy day, fly a furry kite.