Whos your Unicyclist Idol?

Im pretty sure that most of us have a unicyclist that we look up to. Someone that just makes us want to go prove to the world that we can do it too.

So, whos your unicyclist idol?

Mine is Ryan Atkins. One of the first videos i ever saw when i started unicycling was this one and i knew i wanted to do trials right then. Whenever im gonna go ride i watch one of his videos cuz it gives me some inspiration to do the best I can.

Jeff groves.

ryan atkinson… and shaun johanneson… and umm… xavier collos… and tomsey… and julien monney


I have a bunch. For uni its Shaun, Forrest, Kelly and Jess. Jess Riegal’s vids got me into unicycling in the beginning.
For BC its Jeff Groves, I got my first bc after seeing his first movie with Ryan.

I don’t think this thread will work very well, because it will be:

Kris Holm

Ryan Atkins

Zack Baldwin

Shaun J.

Kris Holm

Kris Holm

See what I mean?

But anyway, I don’t really have an idol I don’t think, just a lot of people on the Forums here…

Kevin Mcmullin I love his style and I can’t get enough of it. Everything I have seen him do on video is just awesomely done.

I “look up to” and most of all THANK the inventor of the unicycle! Without him, I wouldn’t be having so much crazy fun, and this thread wouldn’t even exist!:stuck_out_tongue:

my favorite riders are Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover. They (more Kris) are the first ive seen go “big” and they got me into unicycling i guess.

I also like kris holm and nathan hoover because they are the only riders who do long rides that take days, and days. Most people probably dont know it but Nathan Hoover is like the king of long Muni rides and unitours, so he’s pretty kewl also.

Kris…well he’s done it all and has in my opinion the best line of uni’s and products out there. When his splined gear hub comes out nobody he’ll be a legend.

Owen Kirby

Patrick Thomas, who rode coast to coast on a 24" uni in support of cancer research.
A girl that I have heard of through another thread that I’m too lazy to search for, who can ride a uni with a prosthetic leg.

to name a there is Kris Holm and Jess Riegal. there is a few more but those are two of my favorites

danny kohen (sorry if the spelling is off) I met him in moab and he is areally good rider and reLLY NICE GUY. also he thinks only people from bc can make good fires lol

I look up to BillyTheMountain. But then again, so does everyone else, unless they stand on a ladder.

Unfortunately we don’t know who that was. It may have been several people “discovering” it independently. So instead, I look up to Bill Jenack, the guy who started the process of getting us all together. He started the Unicyclists Association in the late 1960s, then the Unicycling Society of America in 1974. He was aware of the plans for the International Unicycing Federation in the early 80s, but didn’t live to see that organization started. He edited the USA Newsletter for the first 3 years. In a way, that eventually led to what you’re reading here.

BTW, the USA Inc. is still around, and still (tries to) put out paper newsletters. Are you a member?

I also look up to Floyd Crandall, one of the early champions of both what we now call Freestyle, and Track. If Trials and MUni had existed in his day, I’m sure he would have excelled at those as well.

I also admire John Hooten and Alan Tepper, as great coaches and leaders. There are a lot more unicyclists in this world because of them.

Lastly I’ll have to jump on the bandwagon with Kris Holm, who has probably done more for unicycling than anyone since Bill Jenack, with the possible exception of the folks at Unicycle.com.

Julien Monney basically everyone in the koxx freestyle roadtrip video, kris holms, Dan heaton for his amazing giraffe skills, ryan atkins probably others that i have never seen before cause i just havent seen a lot of videos

oddly enough i dont have a lot of influence. i kinda look up to xavier collos, but i dont model my riding from anyone…i like my riding to have dimension.

I look up to the older guys. Anyone can be a good athlete when they’re young, but the 50+ year old guys that can whoop my ass truely deserve respect. They also show that I can continue to improve as I age.

Alan Tepper, Tommy Thompson, Bruce Edwards, Andrew Carter, Ken Looi,

all tied for second to JC, of course.

Here’s some sunshine to pass around:

I look up to all you unicycle people who frequently post about your escapades here on RSU. It gives me the confidence that I, too, can do great stuff on a uni.

So thanks to all you brassy young punks for the incredible inspirational riding, making all those videos, and for the older more (and less) experienced folks for posting your wisdom, trials, trails, and tribulations!

Shaun Johanneson.