Who's your favorite rider?

I think Dan Heaton is the coolest all around rider.

I’m my favorite rider. I like watching talented people ride but it’s never as fun as riding myself, even with a tenth the skill. Someone could take that out of context and make a great signature file.

Yeah, but being in a state where you could not ride, ex; broken neck. Which rider could you be contempt watching for the rest of your life if you were to never see another unicyclist?

I suppose if I couldn’t ride, I would be in contempt of EVERY rider. But I would be CONTENT to watch the Japanese ballerina.

I haven’t really seen any videos or anything with Dan in them, so I don’t know what he’s like but I have seen Kris riding (on videos). I’m sure a lot of people will say this but I like watching him mountain unicycling in particular because he rides heaps of the stuff that I’ve always loved to ride on my bike (but not as hard stuff) and wish I could ride on my unicycle. I love wathcing all that northshore riding.

Having said this, I do realise that there’s a whole bunch of really talented riders out there and I enjoy watcing all of them unicycling.


Ya gotta see UniVerse, then! But I also like One Wheel No Limit. The skills are shown there in a low-key way, but just as impressive, if not more so.

my favorite rider is Julien Monney ! He’s a freestyle skill champion. Tomorrow I’ll meet him again at a convention in Belgium. He’s not only a good , very very good rider, but he’s also friendly and helps you when you need it !
He has a nice style of riding. Unique !!!

As someone who acts as a referee and a judge, to be good at those it’s not right to play favorites. I’m a person who doesn’t try to find my favorite this or that. Without variety, all of it would get dull after a while.

That puts a better face on the question, but still leaves me preferring to name my favorites in various riding categories (in no order):

  • Kris Holm: MUni and Trials
  • Dan Heaton: Freestyle & Trials combination
  • Beau Hoover: Reminding me it’s all about fun
  • Lars Lottrup: Sumo meister
  • Puerto Rico All Stars: Basketball
  • Dana Schneider: Best ever at Standard Skill
  • Katzuhiro Shimoyoza (sp?): Best dance-Freestyler ever
  • Josue Barreto: Best Open-Xer
  • Peter Rosendahl: Great pro performer
  • Marc haelfiger (sp?): Most serious track racer
  • Mel Hall: Famous performer from the 40’s; never saw him
  • Colin Schworer: Creative freestyler and slowest backwards
  • Zach Vaughn: Creative Open-X and great jumps
  • Julien Monney: the Michelangelo of Freestyle
  • Toyoda Unicycle Club: best Group Freestyle
  • Christian Hoverath: amazing all-around unicycle athlete

That’s a partial list, but I know I’ve done a terrible job of picking a favorite… :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite Rider

My top three (not in any order):

Bruce Bundy- A great mountain cyclist who rides with a lot of passion. A good climber and can ride just about anything.

George Peck- Talk about Old School and a true Pioneer of Mountain Unicycling.

Casey Drummond- Great young rider who will be awesome in the future. And he is from the East Coast!

-of course I have to mention John Foss who is a Legend to our sport.

Who’s your favorite rider?

Me, myself, and I…

… but not necessarily in that order.

How does this post differ from a poll, exactly?

Re: Who’s your favorite rider?

King MUni-Man.

This required very little thought for me. My favorite rider is my 6 year
old son. The reason he’s my favorite rider is because he has an absolute
genuine love of the sport. He’s a bit of a snob and will only MUni, but
I guess having an ego is what being a child is all about. I think he may
be the only six year old with a knobby tire on his little 16" wheel. :wink:




My favorite riders are:

Dan Heaton
Ben Plotkin-Swing

Both great riders and both continue to learn more. I’ve met Ben and I think hes a great rider (though not the best) because he seems really humble considering the great amount of school he has.


Me. I’m my favorite rider. I am also the most advanced rider I have ever met. No other unicyclist that I have riden with can do as much as I can. I have never met another unicyclist that is as skilled as myself, as daring as myself, up for as many challanges as myself. None of the other riders I know have been able to MUni as well as me, nor ride a Coker faster than me. :wink:

When I finally meet another unicyclist, (at Moab) This is all out the window. As you may have already guessed, I have yet to ride with or meet another rider. :frowning: