Who's this person?

I was browsing the galleries and found this picture…

Who is this person? They’re very talented. It looks to me like they’re either riding with a very very wide rim or on a rather skinny tyre. If so, that’s even more impressive.

It’s a nice shot hey!


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I’m just guessing but it could be Frank Vroemen. I don’t think his name is Heerlen, because Heerlen is a place in the Netherlands. I agree, it is a nice impressive shot. I can imagine myself falling to my doom over the right hand side of the rail if it was me up there. Actually I doubt I would even be able to mount the unicycle on the rail, let alone ride along and fall off. No wonder people associate unicycles with circus, with people doing tricks reminiscent of the high-wire act.

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Yo Rowan, I know what you mean but It’s all about the unicycle… it’s a good unicycle trick.

I call it rail rolling, it’s cool in my books as long as he ain’t holding a pole and wearing clown shoes. I reckon ppl associate unicycles with circus because of unicycles in circus. Someone hoppin around doin trials and then pullin off a railroll is a bit different to a choreographed hirewire clown act.

Progress with my one footed skills, I got 12 full revs today. The whole time I’m learning I’m just thinking to myself “this is so damn hard… this is gonna be so damn hard with my left foot!”.


I saw that pic the other day… super impressive! I have trouble staying on a 6 inch skinny

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He’s a Dutch unicyclist who I know by the name of Frank. I don’t know his last name but since the gallery says Frank Vroemen that’s likely his full name. I’ve met him on a few MUni weekends. In the attached pic (which is on my site) he’s the one standing with the red-seated uni, looks like the same unicycle as on the pic you spotted. It’s very daring to ride that high skinny!

Klaas Bil


Yes this is Frank Vroemen. It is a dutch unicyclist that now has got a Qu-ax trials. He have got a website and need more space for his movies. So i say to him to go to here. His website is www.eenwielertrial.tk ( unicycletrial )


Thanks. I’m sure I could’ve found out for myself but I was going to post the picture anyway because it’s a great shot. I wonder where he started riding from.