whos sponsored out there?

hey everyone,

i just wanted to know who is actually sponsored for unicycling.
im sponsored by www.neverlandbikes.com in victoria.

he hasnt put up my stuff yet but soon :smiley: plus its just a grassroot sponsorship.

laid her,

I heard checkernuts was sponsered. I hope to get one to commemorate the landing of my tenth 24" hop, still at least 6 months off, unless someone at the Cal muni weekend can give me some magic “add 8 inches instantly to your max hopping height” potion. Kris holm, I’m lookin your way.

You can find Kokanee at any Canadian Beer Store

i though about doing this too.
basicly i could walk into a local bikeshop and present myself as central scotlands best trials rider( i probably would get some people to write references to that effect, but omiting the fact that there are as far as i know NO other uni trials riders in central scotland)
theres a few local bike shops to try, surely one of them would give me some spare parts and a t-shirt. in return for pictures of me doing gnarly moves of course. however most of the bike

shops around here don`t have any parts that i need anyway.

however a proper sponsorship where a company paid for me to go to uni events would be realy nice. even if i had to do trials demos at trade fairs all the time.

i do know a skater who used to get skate company logos tattoed on his body in return for free parts.

i’m not realy sure that i want unicycle.com tatooed on my arse.

If someone wants to help me out with gear and stuff they can
Tatoo a uni on me

I get cheap bike/Uni stuff, free service and cycle clothing from a small local bike shop. They also paid our team entry to a few races, and helped me out with transport.

Visit them if you happen to be in Wellington:
J’ville Cycles


Also got a pair of free shorts from N-Zone The owner just walked up to me at a Mountainbike race and offered me another pair of N-Zone Dobie cycle shorts because I happened to be wearing one already :smiley: They’re the best unicycle shorts I’ve ridden- I’m not saying that because I got a free one- they really do work well for MUNi.

TJ Colegrove of CT Unicycle is sponsored by the Cutting Edge Inc. (www.thecuttingedgeinc.com) in Berlin!!!