who's riding 24" torker dx at Moab?

The reason I ask is because so many have recommended 170-175 size cranks, (sepecially for Moab!) but torker, according to not only UDC, but Torkerusa.com (I talked with the latter directly by phone) say that the 6" (152mm) cranks that come standard on the 24" dx is the only size available. Then the guy from torker said that maybe the 175mm’s from a torker bmx would fit (10 spliner) but that the crank does have a certain amount of “offset”.
I’m waiting to hear back from him for the actual degree of offset, and price. Is there anything wrong with a little offset on a crank?? My sun 28er standard cranks have some offset. Does that reduce efficiency? I rather think a little bit is good as it keeps my ankles from hitting the the bottom of the crank. Thoughts please! Btw, I was riding the bike trails today with 6" cranks and I seemed to have plenty of leverage, (much more so than the 5.5" I had on there before) but then again, it ain’t Moab!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m riding an 06 DX at Moab. The cranks are a little shorter than I would like, 165’s would be the perfect size for me I think.

I’ve gotten rather used to the crank shortness, but Ithink longer cranks would make stuff just that little bit easier.

Crank offset, or "Q-factor, is pretty common in unicycles. It probally wouldn’t make much difference, and might even be better.

Go ahead and try for the longer cranks, but don’t worry about it if you don’t get them for Moab. Make sure you let us know if you try it and wether they fit or not, etc.

My buddy Paul has ridden two years at Moab on a Torker LX with stock 152mm cranks. It affects how much of the stuff you can ride, but there is still plenty of stuff to ride anyway.

im ridin a 06 dx 24"