who's looking for 160mm Profiles?

when uni.com told me they only had 1 pair of 160’s i bought them immediately since it can take months to get anything besides 170 in stock over there but i now wish i ordered 170’s.

the new super steep trails close to my town are the reason.no doubt that the 170’s will suck on the flats but whatever.

ive riden these 160’s only twice and thats about 4 hours total.

what are the chances there is somone out there who wants 160’s or has brand new 170’s to trade me? aah forget i said that.no one has 4 hour old 170’s just laying around…

i want $99 for them.i’ll eat the shipping (chome)




no one i guess…

Sorry Jagur, the trails I ride require 170’s…I’d frikkin’ die on 160’s although I would love to own some Profiles!!

I use 160 mm Profiles on my urban muni wheel. I have two wheels for my muni. One wheel with a Gazz and 170 mm cranks and one wheel with a Hoggy-G and 160 mm cranks.

The 160’s are great for an urban muni wheel.

Just throwing out an idea for those 160’s. Someone’s gonna gotta want the 160’s.

If I had money to spare I’d probably buy them, although I’m about to buy a beautful new HS-33 so I think I might actually stick to my 145’s. There are still two of us left. :slight_smile:

I thought you were never going to go past 160’s.


well you know me…

my hs-33 is great but it doesnt do a thing when the trail is so rocky and im bouncing all over that i cant even spare 1 finger to hold the lever.the extra 10mm will help me keep the momentem down when im unable to cheat with the brake.

Somone buy my cranks…please! go ahead and call uni.com they dont have any in this size so if you have been thinking about 160’s here they are.who knows,i could end up hating my 170’s and despiratly try to buy them back from you.this may be an investment oppertunity…