who's interested in a Torker DX splind hub?

i have a Torker DX that i use for mostly freestyle and i was thinking about replacing the splind hub with a regular tapered hub.

somone interested in buying the hub alone? i havent thought about a price yet but i will if anyone is interested.

If you built me a 24" wheel to go with it, I’d be interested.

il take it for $20, are there cranks with it?

dont forget you would also need cranks to go with it. (10 splined)

this is off topic but total uni what do you have against catboy

dude gimmie a break…get the hell out of here with that crap. in a “for sale” thread??? come on!

yeah i know. i have the SH frame (the holey one) with a black KH Velo seat on it. It’s clamped and everything, I just need a wheel for it. I’d like to have it put together so I could start commuting to class on it. I might try to squeeze a 26" wheel if there’s enough room.


are you looking for a splined wheel only? cause i also have a 26" Salsa Delgato X rim with DT spokes on a UDC hub for sale…i’ve decided to squeeze in a 700c wheel into my Rowing frame so i wont be needing it.

EDIT: i looked for you on AIM since i have it now (jagur3649) but i could’nt reach you from the ID in your RSU profile.

Re: accordnsx

whoops, the Delgato X is the 700c rim im building…the 26" rim for sale is a Salsa Gordo.

also, i forgot to mention the tyre on it. it has a 2.3 Dyno Fireball with 95% tread.