who's got or had universe?

universe must be the most sold uni video ever in the world who has a copy and who did not like it i love it and watch it some times to get me up for a ride.

Can you still get it? I don’t think I was aware of all the unicyclers out there when it came out.

I have it. I got it this past christmas. You should be able to still get it, it was copywrited in 2000 so it isn’t too old.


yeah you can buy it in the uk i don’t know about the u.s

unibrow (justin) is selling his universe vid

As far as I know, you can still get it. But I wouldn’t know, because dumb ol’ unicycledotcom sent it to me and it BROKE.

Who doesn’t have it? That might be a shorter list.

I do NOT have Universe, but I DO have universe 2

Universe is awesome ! Universe 2 even better !
If you ride a unicycle you should have them both.

If you don’t have Universe, you may want to wait for it to be released on DVD.

It may be a while before it is released but it will have additional footage.