Who's gong to NAUCC 07?

Ya I was just wondering who was going to NAUCC. If you’ve been before I would love to know what you thought about it. How would you guys compare it to other unicycling conventions? Is there freetime to hangout out and just ride and meet new people? I’m really excited anout going this year. So ya this thread is about discussing previous NAUCC’s and what effect they had on your unicycling lives.

Forrest Rackard :sunglasses:

im sending mine! heres a pic for you…horny guys

ya I realized that spelling error right after I posted.:o Please disregard it and post about NAUCC:p

why dont you go back and edit? you still have a few minutes. just hit the “go advanced”

Oh I just missed it. I did’nt know I could do that.

Anyway…I am going.

I won’t be able to make it this year. I’m just going to MoabMF and FLUCK.

NAUCC is a blast, but there is too much indoor freestyle stuff… But s’all good.

ok i have a decision i can either go to NAUCC or I can go to Wyoming. In Whyoming I will trials and muni in the mountains for 2 weeks im addicted to trials so which one should i pick?

Did you go to NAUCC there in Memphis last year?

I would go to NAUCC. There will still be muni and trials, but a lot of fun people to ride with.

nope i just started unicycling but my club says it was fun last year. I dont really like freestyle though because they say theres alot of it.

I am hoping to bring a van / bus full-o MUCsters from the Memphis Unicycle Club and the St. George’s Uni Club. CAN NOT WAIT!!!


Where is Naucc this year?

Saline MI, on Friday, July 27 - Wednesday, August 1.

I want to go, just to see what’s like and maybe enter it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But sadly don’t have the $$$ to fly overseas at the moment. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

If Tommy’s going, I’m going

And if both Tommy and Brian are going, then I am definitely going! Even if I have to swim from the UK.


I’m pretty sure we’re going. We used to live in Ann Arbor, nearby, so there’s a bunch of friends we can visit and stay with.

Also, there’s an awesome nearby MTB trail called the Potowatomi (aka the “Poto”), which I used to ride on two wheels and I’d love to give it a go on one wheel. The area’s loaded with disc golf courses for some non-uni activity, too.

For loads of Trials (and scenery), go to Wyoming. For someone other than yourself to ride with, go to NAUCC. While Freestyle and track events are going on, there are usually groups of Trials or other riders out doing stuff if they’re not interested in those events.

It’s the oldest major unicycle gathering in North America, and the biggest. Usually around 300 riders or so. There is a wide range of events, so you can see (and try) all sorts of other forms of unicycling, as well as other unicycles. Most importantly you get to meet all sorts of interesting people, and see how they ride. There is no substitute for that.

I grew up in Michigan. I was there for the first convention Redford hosted, which was a few miles from Saline (Ann Arbor) and I’ve only missed one since my first in 1980. Cedar Point afterward, anyone?

I’m going to try and make it, since Saline is about 30mins from my home.

It’d be the first event I’ve gone to, if I attend.

I look forward to it.

maybe we can have a group trials ride in ann arbor, if people didn’t want to stick around for track and freestyle events…i’ve heard that brisa used to be located there, and every time i make a trip to A-squared I see lots of potential lines around UofM campus/downtown.

I might:D (its only like a 4 hour drive)