Whos Going to Unicycle "Roundup" in Los Angeles?

Hey all,

Whos going to the “Unicycle “Roundup” in Los Angeles”?

I am.

I am.

Who thinks Evan should change his avatar?
I do.

How about a little less questions and a little more SHUT THE HELL UP!

that was mean. because of that, I’m not going. actually, it’s because I live much too far away and I am much too poor to get down there…but still.

Dag evan that was a little harsh

Yeah cool your jets Evan.

Its from a Family Guy Episode, Calm down.

Isn’t it supposed to be “how 'bout a tall glass of shut the hell up!” ?

For those that don’t know what he’s talking about: THE THREAD IS HERE.

I might come, but I wont know untill a few days before hand, since my schedule right now is really busy, and I have a ton of things that could be at anytime.

Right now, it’s looking like I wont be there, since it’s going to be a fairly small meet, and I’ll probably be working.

No, its “How about a little less questions and a little more SHUT THE HELL UP!”

P.s. THat would be rad if you came Eric.

Il try to make it out there…finding a ride wil be tough!

Ps: Did you know that San Fernando Valley is the porn capital of the world! 90 percent of it is filmed and produced there, and 98 percent of hte “toys” are made there! So it shouldnt be to hard to get my older bro to take me out there!


So, is anyone else going?

Eyal and I will be there. Should be fun.

John Long

FYI, Rod e-mailed me the description of a Muni trail that takes off directly from the parking lot where next weekend’s LA Muni Roundup is shaking out, and I went up today (Sat., June 11) and rode it. Don’t know the name, but that is one intense, unrelenting trail, with section after section of steep, rocky rolling and multiple, angled ledge drops, ruts, and a side order of shale thrown in to insure you’re going down a few times, like it or not. This is an up-and-back affair (hiking up) and owing to blistering high noon heat I stopped hiking up afer a few miles–and the trail continued climbing as far as I could see.

The part I rode – around 2 miles – was technically on par with the advanced single tracks up in Santa Barbara. So if you’re wondering if there’s something to sink you’re teet in at the Roundup–there is. In spades. I got the feeling that the terrain above where I stopped hiking might be harder than the stuff I rode, so this trail might pan out as one for the ages.


IM goin, is there anyone else…