Who's going to Toque?

Who’s going to Toque? I am going to try and make it, but I’m not sure yet. Also where is everyone staying? i am so stoked for it.


HOW will try again, hopefully more successful this time…

I’ll be there! im only a 20 min drive away though

There will probably be 5 or more from LUC

i’m not sure where i will stay

Bring the sticks this time:D

Bah, who need’s em

i’ll be there for shure, i’m spitting distance from the location! perhaps i’ll even host an after party!

im goin

Do we have a date for it yet? Im sure we do as the bike show is a huge event, I just dont know when it is…

As far as an afterparty, I’m down

edit: I got off my lazy bum and looked:
National Trade Centre, Hall A, Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Friday, March 4, 2005
Saturday, March 5, 2005
Sunday, March 6, 2005

I wanna go but i live on vancouver island. Would i be able to hitch a ride with anyone?

now that i can ride, hanging-hook-boy’s roommate wants to see me enter the trials competitions. apparntly he forgot I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO RIDE! haha. but yes i’m going too. being spitting distance (when wind assisted anyways) is always a good thing.


would i be able to stay with anyone for the weekend?

I am SO going.


Looks like I can’t make it. I’ll be lucky to have enough cash for moab, let alone TOque. Dang.

I second that DANG. (I mean for you, I think I can still go.)