Who's going to NAUCC!

Just wondering who is going, and how far out you are booking a room, and who is staying for the whole event? :sunglasses:

I will be part of 50-60 going from Twin Cities Unicycle club. I am staying for the entire event. As for housing, I am staying with relatives.

me. should be fun.

I’m going. Book a room? I thought we were all staying at Tommy’s house. :smiley: Some of the best hospitality in the South. Is Rodie(sp?) ready for that?

i will hopefully be going… if i can find a ride


Me! and Jacquie. I think she’s more interested in Graceland though…

Don’t know where we’re staying yet. Still trying to book the stuff for Unicon!

Me and Joel Burgess are going

I’ll be there too

John, Check your emails re UNICON


Reminder to get in your registration for NAUCC! Send them in this week - otherwise you’ll have to pay the more expensive price.

As Jethro said, we’ve got over 50 from TCUC!


If anyone has questions about Memphis and the area, please let us know and we will try to get answers for you.

The Memphis Unicycle Club is excited about hosting NAUCC in Memphis and looking forward to sharing our Southern Hospitality.


I don’t think Tommy has room for everyone at his house. :slight_smile:

Abby and I will be there.

I will be there and it’ll be my 15th NAUCC!! Yippie!

Have a room booked at the Comfort Inn (i think) where most of the TCUC people will be staying…

how far away do you live from the event? i may be able to help ya man.

i would have liked to go but i have no money at this point cuz i just bought a new uni and im buying a new hub and crankset soon. but hey there will be other times.

that would definately be awesome… cept i dont think youd be able to cuase i live like 3 1/2 hours north east of memphis…


im going. itll be my first one should be a good time.