Whos going to MOAB?

I’m making this thread to see how many of you people are going. I’m going and I hope to see you all there. Its a bummer there won’t be any organized competions this year:(

I am going this year and why no organized comp

well, there’s already (I think) a thread about this, but I’m going. I don’t care about the comps too much, but I’m not that good anyways, so it doesn’t matter to me.

I don’t know whys theres no competions thats what it said on the site. I can’t wait though.

As was discussed in a previous, similar thread, the decision not to hold any competitions at Moab this year has been made; the subject is not open to discussion. The US Forest Service is placing some restrictions on this year’s Moab event due to the large number of people last year. The area that was used in previous years for the competitions can not be used for competitions this year.

I’m there; just made plane and motel reservations. Who has energy for competitions, anyway? We can just find a good hill for unicycle bowling or something.

Yeah I had more fun last year just messing around with some guys and making up our own trials courses. The slickrock practice loop is in my opinion more fun than the actual trail. Its just the the right length to not get you tired out and tons of rock formations to jump all over.

I’m in, plane ticket purchased. The games last year took a LOT of time. Fun yes, but it also helped that the base camp was right there, which it won’t be this year. I like Rolf’s idea for Saturday a lot…keeping as big a group as possible together for the first part of the practice loop, then let things disperse naturally when some take off to do the full Slickrock Trail. I also like the idea of Unicycle Lemmings. That will be fun to watch and try.

I look forward to seeing everyone there. I think for the Saturday night event, we should have stick on name badges with our unicyclist.com posting names. I met lots of folks last year and went away knowing their first and last names, but not who they were online.

I’ll be there, and I’m kinda dissapointed about no comps. I was really sick with the flu at CMW so I sucked pretty bad at the comp, it would be nice to b able to prove my trials skills.

But heck, I’m going for the muni(the dopest of all unicycling).

I used to post as ratherbekayaking, but because of thise exact reason, I started posting with my name. I feel that this is one online community that I don’t have to worry about people knowing who I am.

UniBrier here,

I’ll be there this year.

I’m going to start a “Ride and Roomate” thread so I can get back to SLC on Sunday.

We’re looking forward to it - see you there!

—Nathan and family

Oh, yeah, I’ll be there as well.

Does anyone know if Kris is going to be there this year?I think i’m going to email him and ask.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be going as well…

I cant go…:frowning: SOBS

thats to bad

I’m just bumping this back up since where getting so close to moab

Im going!yay!

Welll yes.His name is on the registartion at least.

That would be bad. There’s a big difference between unicycle bowling on a big hill of grass, and a big hill of rock! :slight_smile:

The possibility exists for some informal games here and there. Anything more than that will not be allowed by the BLM, so we’re just being legal. I think it will be quite a bit of fun though, especially on the big group ride of the Practice Loop. That’s where most of the fun & games should be, and be accessible to riders (and walkers) of all levels.

Here’s who is known to be going:

If you’re not listed, this means Rolf doesn’t know you’re coming (it was updated March 13). Please let him know, because we like watching this list grow!

See y’all there…