whos going to moab 2006?

Im pretty sure im going to moab, anyone else going? Id like you to say just so i can see the list of ppl going this year. ive heard from another thread that its March 24-26? at least i think it was.

Yep, thats what Rolf Thompson said.

I’m going, my dad and brother are going, and we’re bring a friend with us.

yeah…lucky me i get to travel 2 days with my brother and his freind woohoo…

I’ll be there.

The world’s premiere mountain unicycling event; I wouldn’t miss it!

i wont be able to make it.

i’m gonna try.

I intend to…I’ve made the last three and had a blast at all of them.

Need to clear it with The Boss sometime soon…

I’ve been looking for things to do next semester because I’ll have really long weekends. This sounds like a perfect event. Last time I was in moab I had only been on a unicycle two or three times but I remember thinking how amazing some of that stuff would be to ride. Anyone have some more info on what the event consists of?

Yup. First, go here for the event’s main web site.

From there, click around…you can find links to photos from past years, events/competitions and who won them, and general details on how the event is organized.

If it stays true to format, Friday will be the early arrivers, and there will be one or more informal rides planned, including possibly the practice loop of the Slickrock Trail. Saturday is usually a big group ride, and has traditionally been on Slickrock Trail (full loop and practice loop depending on ability). Saturday night has an organized dinner, awards, etc. and is a lot of fun. Sunday is usually another long, challenging ride, and past years have included the Porcupine Rim trail and the Amassa Back trail. Some people camp, some people do motels. Riding is primarily muni, although some people bring trials unis and there are some good places for trials-type events.

Turnout has grown steadily the last few years, and you could expect 100 or so riders at least for 2006.

There’s no better place to be riding on that weekend!

Yep, it will be number five for me. Well almost, I broke my ankle on slick rock trail friday afternoon in 2002 and so I actualy missed it, but I went.

We get there really early then, on thursday…

I think it would be nice if we planned on having a street-trials-freestyle ride, even somthing like just messing around with flatland tricks in the parkinglot, or whatever. It doesnt have to be a formal thing, just for fun.

I would say more than that, last year there was almost 200 riders, couldn’t we expect more this year?

Uhh, if it needn’t be formal, why are you pushing for something scheduled… At muni weekends, those who want to exchange tricks will do it no matter what. It’s not like time needs to be legislated for it. Personally, I’m not going to travel some 800 miles to ride in a parking lot. I won’t be there.

I just said it so people would have that idea in the back of they’re mind and be ready for it… and sheesh, it could be before or after the main ride. As an addition to the main rides.

I just said it so people would have that idea in the back of they’re mind and be ready for it… and sheesh, it could be before or after the main ride. As an addition to the main rides.

need to find a way to make it there
anyone know how i could get there for pretty cheap airfare? or go with someone?

i’m going even if i have to ride all the way there. On a 12", for that matter.

well, there isnt any info on the web site so Im gonna ask some questions here. Where is MOAB located ? any subcription fees ? where do I sleep ?.. give me info please. Im noob

Its located in
Moab, UT

…its usually a few bucks to register

You can camp or stay at a hotel…whichever your budget prefers

for more info goto http://www.moabmunifest.com

I found the quote below, along with info on the rest of your questions, with a single click off the main website (the MMF05 Info link). The location of Moab can also be found in a single click via the “Map of Moab” link.

Moab—located in Southeastern Utah—is the location of the famous Slickrock trail, a well known bicycling Mecca attracting some 150,000 riders annually.

For more on lodging and logistics, see this post, which has more current info than the website does. I found that thread by clicking the Search button, typing in Moab, then clicking Go.