Who's going to Japan?

Just out of curiosity…

Who is planning on going to Japan next summer for Unicon?


Not me sorry. I’m poor, unemployed, and soon to be homeless.

The first year I’m interested in Unicon, and it’s a gajillion miles away.
Nope, can’t come. :frowning:

I’m all over it! I’ve been saving every nickle and every frequent flyer mile toward that end.

not I,nor do i think i could ever travel that far just to ride my unicycle.the California trip was far enough for this Emily Dickinson…

I am

I’ll be makeing every effort to get there

I’ll go if I’m in Japan anyway, which is quite possible. Otherwise I don’t think I can be bothered, it doesn’t look like there’ll be much interesting muni going on and I’m not interested in all the racing and freestyle stuff.


wood that i kood

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Strange enough, ive just had a dream i was there! whoo yeh. well in real life im going to try but with my loan to pay off and everything it might not be possible.


Me and Jacquie. And maybe a friend of Jacquie’s or two. Remember, there’s more to UNICON than unicycle competitions. You get to meet amazing people, see amazing places, and be a part of events that may only happen once.

At UNICON 11 this was the giant parade with hundreds of international unicyclists.

At UNICON 10 this was our “demonstration” in Tiananmen Square, along with our filling up of an entire subway train, just for us unicyclists.

At UNICON IX, this was a giant unicycle chain and other events.

At UNICON VIII, this was the experience of the first European UNICON, and first big orienteering event.

At UNICON VII it was the road race, and the riverboat ride on the Mississippi. And the first inclusion of hockey.

At UNICON VI it was the tour through Old Quebec, and 192 person hand-holding unicycle chain.

At UNICON V touring the beautiful cities of Hull and Ottawa.

At UNICON IV it was the first long-format UNICON, featuring coasting, gliding, full basketball tournament, off-road race, and marathon. The marathon was probably the stand-out event, ending in downtown Isabela with a huge cheering crowd.

At UNICON III it was the 850 participants in a two-day format that was almost impossible to believe. Afterward, we did tours to Mt. Fuji and unicycling around the Imperial Palace.

At UNICON II it was the fact that we were able to hold it all together.

And at UNICON I (International Unicycling Convention) it was the coolness factor of being at the first-ever world championships.

There were other memorable events at all of these conventions, please feel free to add some.

We’re going. Even though that part of Japan at that time of year has less than wonderful weather (hot and humid), the chance to meet and ride with so many cyclists from all over the world is unmissable. Someone posted saying that now that they were interested, it was too far away. THAT’S the whole point! If it’s right in your neighborhood, it will be nice and all, but nothing compared to an adventure with so many new and old unicycling buddies in a foreign land.

Start saving now, do what it takes, but show up for Unicon 12. You won’t regret it.


Karen and I are planning to go to Japan for UNICON XII. We will go in spite of the fact that the I already look like a fool when comparing the professionally organized (and, I’m sure, professionally run) UNICON XII to our amateur efforts that resulted in last year’s UNICON 11.

Tom Daniels

Hey Guys!
Of course I am going to Japan. I have a title to defend.

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

I’ve almost one hundred percent decided to go, but I would like to hear advice of the more seasoned travellers about plans/strategies for buying airline tickets and stuff related to traveling.

In a way the idea of meeting lots of unicyclists and, at the same time, traveling to an exotic locale really appeals to me.

Thou shalt not dis UNICON 11! As an organizer, it is impossible to have an objective view of one’s own convention. UNICON 11 was a blast! Just ask the riders who came from Japan if you don’t believe it.

Just because the folks in Japan do a couple of dozen really big unicycle meets a year doesn’t necessarily make them more professional. :smiley:

For Jazz, start shopping for airfares, and see how the prices are going. Don’t forget to leave time before or after the convention to see the country. There will be some tours offered as part of the UNICON (or with convention groups, separate from the convention). Those should be fun. Come with an open mind, prepared to try many things and have fun!

3-7 of us.

Me and several Korean uniyclists will go there. Hopefully.

im going…

im right here in Iwakuni japan on a marine base. im goign to try to go this year, but it all depends on the military…

hey, where will the next Unicon be after Japan. (…in 2006, right?)

Also, does anyone know yet where nationals will be next year? Hope they’re in Cali! :smiley:



I’m going to Japan

One week ago today I booked my airfare to Tokyo. I am pumped! I have never been to a UNICON that is outside of the USA, and I have heard many great things about past UNICONS.
I think the fact that so much talent will be in one gymnasium is worth the flight cost.

Speaking of, I searched around on Orbitz.com, and then just before booking through them I went to cheaptickets.com and found a flight for $300 less. My suggestion is to look on-line during mid-week and look at various websites. I too think it will be worth every penny.


I’m going- as far as I know we’ve got Tony Melton and Me from the New Zealand contingent. Hopefully we’ll have a few more riders from Team NZUNI.

We may stop by in Malaysia/Singapore on the way back- anyone fancy joining us for some Malaysian unicycle epics?