Whos going to Eurocycle?

Its two weeks till pre reg closes and about 6 weeks till Eurocycle- The
European Unicycling Convention. So whos going?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out
http://www.eurocycle.org and hit the link for 2003. To see what other
eurocycles were like hit the links to some of the previous
ones. Eurocycle is the euro unicycle convention, its like a national
convention but bigger. The European Unicycle Hockey and Basketball
championships are part of the event along with fun games, races,
workshops and generally hanging out with other unicyclists. Thsi year
Eurocycle returns to the host club who created it 10 years ago; Lahimo in
Lagenfeld , near Dussledorf, Germany.

Lahimo are Europes oldest Unicycle Hockey team and have at various
times won every unicycle hockey cup going, so expect some great hockey
action this year.

I’d particluary like to hear from any Brits who are going so we can put
together a UK hockey team… interested,
please drop me a line.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

I’m thinking about it. Should be fun.

Yea im keen on going, tho i wasnt hearing much interest over here… so i was giving up on the idea.

If a few of us could go over together… that’d be cool.

I was thinking of doing some sort of distance ride in europe either before or after or both for charity. Iv got a few ideas. What does anyone think?

You could ride there. That’d be quite a distance ride. If it’s anything like BUC, you don’t need any more than a camelbak worth of stuff.

Although it’d limit you to one unicycle (a 29er would be best, or a 24/26 with micro cranks to ride there and muni cranks for playing on).

In fact, from Route Planner | Maps, directions & route finder for UK & Europe | RAC it’s 426 miles from London to Dusseldorf. A good 7 days of riding unless you wanted to ride really silly distances per day.

I’m thinking of having a bit of a competition for who can ride furthest to get to BUC next year. No support allowed, no people taking stuff for you, carry any stuff you’re taking on your unicycle in some way.

The AA says it’s 269 miles to Durham from me and it’s probably going to be somewhere near there. I tried doing BUC with only a camelbak of useful stuff this year (by mistake, but that’s not the point) and it worked fine.


Re: Whos going to Eurocycle?

nickjb <nickjb.qpbnb@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> I’m thinking about it. Should be fun.

Drop me a line by e-mail s a r a h at v i m e s dot u - n e t dot c o m
I read on the newsgroup and don’t get addresses that work in the
headers. That goes for TiMunier to, we can discuss travel
possibilities. It looks like there will two of us from exeter, one ( or
3) from Manchester , one from Stevenage and a few others. from I know not
where. Thats from the UK , I’m sure there will be pleanty of others from
else where in the world.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders