Who's going to Burning Man this year?

If you are, come find me at Pancake Playhouse in the 9’oclock plaza.

I always see so many unicyclists there, but hear so little about them here.

I wanted to but I can’t.

Pancake Playhouse?

Back in 05 I was on the playa and had a pancake breakfast at someplace with a pancakey name, I wonder if that was you guys…(is serving up breakfast in bed for 40000 part of your gig?)

strangely enough: I don’t think I saw a single unicyclist that year.

also, this was about half a year prior to my learning to ride, which is part of why I managed to see no unicyclists that year (everytime I saw myself I was not a unicyclist)

oh forgot to say, not going this year but after seeing that solar powered trike with the spider vehicle in another thread I keep thinking next year is the year I have to go back

mike and i was there that year, both on various uni’s. I think i brought three that year.

That’s right! Not only that, but we happened to join a theme camp that had two other unicyclists. 4 unicyclists out of 35ish campers was quite a coincidence!

And see a bunch of god damn fucking dirty hippies talking about how great the world would be if everyone smoked a joint and listened to their poetry?


Your clearly from Oklahoma. Thanks for you comment! I see you know exactly what burning man is all about.


Seems cool. I mean, if boobies are involved, it can’t be all bad.

You’re certainly not like most Unitarians I know…

I want to go but I have not enough money.

Actually, I’m quite liberal, and so is my town. (Mostly based on OU revenue, a big college town)

I was considering being a Unitarian, but ironically enough the only church in norman was so set on being opened minded that they shut out a large amount of people.

And I’m not one to pass on boobies either :wink:

I’m semi joking/ semi-expressing my contempt for hippies.

Is it close to what “Malcolm in the Middle” portrayed it? Seems too artsy for me, but interesting enough to try it, if I lived closer.

Kind of, except MUCH bigger and the characters in the TV show were VERY stereotyped. There’s plenty of hippies there, but they’re a minority to be sure. There’s also no cacti (or any other plant life) on the Playa.

Artsy is a wonderful thing, and art comes in all different forms, often expressed best with fire, or funky vehicles…etc.

What? No vegetation? Now, I wouldn’t want to go there. There’s nothing better than lying down on grass after a long day. Not to mention all that dirt and sand

The event takes place on what once used to be a lakebed. It’s completely flat and the surface is a fine, mostly hardpacked, silt.

I’m really interested in Burning Man.
Is there a portion of the event dedicated to wacky, artsy vehicles?

Art cars/buses/mobile party-mobiles and art bikes/trikes/quadracycles/unicycles and other artistic modes of transportation are an integral part of the event. The entire city is crawling with them throughout the entire week-long event.

The population is now up to nearly 50k people (5th largest city in Nevada) and most people participate in some way (art car, dance club, enormous flaming sculpture, thunderdome (just like the movie but with foam bats). Dance Dance Immolation (like the video game, but you wear a fire-proof suit and get blasted with a propane torch if you mess up), and thousands of other things that people dream up. Frankly, the experience in mindblowing.

edit: It’s exactly the kind of event that attracts unicyclists, which is why I’m posting about it here.

I usually see 15-20 other unicyclists, that means there has to be at least 50-100 that go.

Jess Riegel is going. I don’t think he reads here. Drop him an email or get his email address from me. Yesterday we went on a brutal Coker MUni ride (along Folsom usta-be-a-Lake) on a HOT afternoon, my first ride since Unicon! He’s strong.

Jess knows… I talked to him on the phone and told him to find mike

Always wanted to go. But, my wife would never go. Just sounds really fun away from the traditional 8 - 5 grind.

Lloyd Johnson always goes with his wife. He likes to tool around in his three wheeled contraption. It has one wheel in front. I guess that counts for one wheel.:slight_smile:

I think he brings some other rides too, including a uni.

Have fun guys and gals!