Who's Going To BUC? (2010)

So I searched for some info on BUC 17 (aka 2010) and could only find threads about previous events. I notice on the official site that pre-registration is now open, and if you do pre-register they give you free food for the weekend.

I’m thinking about going for the whole weekend and camping there, maybe taking a friend of mine who I’ve also managed to convert to the world of unicycling :smiley:

Any other forum goers attending? It should be my first unicycle event so I’m looking forward to it already!

i’m going!!! :slight_smile:

i’m going! :smiley:

Im definatly going, all payed up. Driving up from the south, if anyone needs a lift.

i took a look at the flights, the cheaper for me ar with the arrivals at Leeds

does anyone drive from Leeds to the BUC place?

I’ll be driving from Leicester which is completely the opposite direction but I could swing by and pick you up if you are desperate.

I’ve only just picked unicycling back up after learning to ride about 3 years ago, but am very tempted to come along to this.

If I was coming would anybody driving up the M1 past Loughborough want to car share?

i’m almost definately going, my family may camp nearby so i have a lift up, i’ll be taking my girlfriend, who got a unicycle for christmass, i hope she’ll be riding by then :wink: we’ll be camping too.
but if my family aren’t camping nearby… is there anyone driving from near nottingham? with 2 spare seats?

Perhaps I should look into minibus hire? :stuck_out_tongue:

minibus hire is very expensive!!

I’ll be going. Driving up the M1 from jn12. Hopefully I’ll have my dolomite on the road by then.

I will be travelling up this way. I have two spare seats and am happy to give anyone on route a lift, just shoot me a pm or something.

We’ll be going. Our Sam can unicycle this time. I don’t think he was unicycling at the last BUC we went to.

Don’t think we’ll be camping, its probably a bit cold for us.

We’ll be driving up from North Wales but wont have any room in the car with all of us in there.

Ah awesome, what model? What needs doing on it?

…Probably the wrong place to ask, sorry.


I have a 1275GT I restored, it’s always the right time/place to discuss classic cars, no matter where you are :wink:

Oh, back on topic, I won’t be taking the Mini if I’m picking anyone up. I’m going north on the M1 from Junction 20.

is there a bus or a train going from Leeds to the buc place? and i yes how much will it cost me?

Ye im goin lets make it a good one

Really looking fowards to it :slight_smile: Should be atleast 4 of us, coming up from Poole! 8 hour drive! but the extra day seals-the-deal

This is probably the thread you were looking for; http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1311195

I will be going, although at the moment it’s too early to even start thinking about how I’m getting there, what time I’m arriving or what I’ll have in my sandwiches. But I’ll be there though.


We expect to be there. boy may or may not be riding by then, but there will be at least 1 uni each in the car.

Paul’s been volunteered to do stuff already IIRC.