Who's going to be at CMW in Santa Barbara?

ME!!! Gonna get there Friday, it’s gonna be awesome!

what date is it on?

i dunno if i’ll be able to… i wish i could…

Click here for all the info about CMW 2005. It has dates, accomodations, schedules, events and whatnot.

If someone wanted to be my GURADIAN!!! I might go… :roll_eyes:

That’s a joke… right?


well, it looks like i’ll be ABLE TO GO!


i’ve filled out the forms, and i need to just have them notarized and shipped off! I’m SET!

so Catboy, that means save me a spot in the footbag circle!

wish i could be there but the distance is twice the problem, plus there are few places on earth worse than Southern California.

the other cali muni thread - some people don’t know about it.

I am going up just for saturday, I don’t think I am gonna be doing htat much riding though

Not me this year. I was keeping my options open but I ended up having my decision made for me last week when I sprained my ankle riding in Hood River. My ankle is not going to be in a condition to be riding trails like in Santa Barbara in time for the muni weekend so I’m gonna have to pass this year.

There are some new trails here that I want to ride so as soon as my ankle is ready for them I’ll be riding. Just not in Santa Barbara.

woohoo!!! i’m gunna be there :smiley:

all right!

i get to meet the CoolDawg who i didnt get to meet at northstar!

this is cool, cus i’m gunna be able to meet like literally dozens of people who i only know from this forum, not in real life!

erik, (mango), you’re still planning to come from Germany right???
it’ll be cool to see you ride man! i loved your video!

Hey Jag, maybe next year we could like carpool, save on gass, ect. I’d really like to go to a massive uni event sometime.


Sorry, random outburst ^^

Replace So. Cal. with L.A. and I’ll agree with you. There are plenty of nice places in Southern California!

You must have an aversion to palm trees and sunny weather. A typical Oregonian… :stuck_out_tongue: