Who's doubleflipping now days?

Ok, so there’s:

Shaun Johanneson
Sabin Arditty
Jerad Glatt
Xavier Collos

Anyone else?

Alex Toms.

Not me yet. :frowning:


I think Spencer is pretty close…I could be wrong though.

Its alot easier off a curb. But i need to practice my techneque. I can spin them fast tho.


Yeah, your a little wrong;)
I am pretty much 1.5 flipping so I still need the second half of the second flip:) I haven’t landed a 1.5 flip, just flipped it that much (flipping it is the hardest part for me).

im pretty close, but havent got it yet.

double!!! i cant even single

ive been trying for about an hour now. All i have is hurting tender areas arrghh

i will get them though(singles that is) soon

I can only single now thanks to Spence…I could od them once in a while before, but I rode with Spence at Moab and I was landing em like every try after seeing him do it…

Horray! Time for some 180 flips and hickflips…

I want to know, how can double flip?

As far as I know there is

  • Mike Swarbrick (me)
  • Shaun Johanneson
  • Jerad Glatt
  • Xav' collos
  • Luke (the president?)
  • Alex Toms
  • Sabin Arditty
Sorry if I'm leaving anyone out. Can anyone add anymore?


Ive landed a 1.5, but the double is straight really hard!

I don’t know of anyone else. My last names Collalto. :slight_smile:

I landed a few off of a lip, but I dont consider it landing it because its rlly not consistant so dont add me to that list so far… I think justin does them tho.

Whats a double flip…crankflip?

Yeah double crankflip…
New parts coming Tuesday…landing doubles by Thursday.


one time… i did a crankflip w/ 10 FULL ROTATIONS (i was holding onto a basketball hoop)

I think that crankflip looks ugly on video… I dont like crankflips…

oh well, maybe it’s because I dont land them…

maybe not too

I hate those threads that only want to show who is good and who is not… thats not the important for me


I still love you guys… you know love…

I used to hate crank flips back when I coudlnt do them, now I just dislike them lol. I still prefer unispins mostly 360…So how bout this, who all is doing 540 unispins these days or 720s?

Ha, no changing the subject;)

but I do have those 540 u-spins :sunglasses:

I love you