Who's bringing kids to NAUCC 2006?

Just curious how many of you RSUers are coming with your kids.

My youngest, Abby, is coming with me. Almost 10yo going into 5th grade.

Last time I went to NAUCC was Minneapolis, took my oldest when she was 12.

My wife (Shirra) and I are bringing our 3: Fiona (10), Emmett (nearly 7), and Maeve (2). See y’all there!

With all those age groups we always hope there will be enough kids to not have piles of leftover medals after all is said and done!

2 from PA, me and Bear.:wink:

I forgot to mention, I am also bringing a good friend of mine and Bear’s, Sarah. We shared a stand in orchestra in the cello section, and she’s also a unicyclist. She’ll be flying in from Pullman, WA! She’s about 21, I think. So not quite a kid, but lots younger than me at any rate.

What a funny koinkidink: I’m also 39 and also played cello in my HS and college orchestras. Go figure!

I have a UDC sticker and a Banjo.com sticker on my cello case:

These are the questions posed by people who are neither cellists nor unicyclists:
Is that a guitar case?
I didn’t know they made unicycle cases.

I also took up banjo (in HS) for a few years.

4-string. It seemed like a natural thing to do – esp since I could play duets with my bro (who played melodion) while uni’ing.

Back when I was a tuba player, carrying around a case full of wonderful CC brass on my head, I got a lot of:

“Hey, is that your lunch in there?”

I’m bringing two (2) parents and two (2) siblings!

I will be bringing all three of my boys: Christopher, age 10; Ben, age 9; and Will, age 19 months.

Christopher is competing in most everything, Ben is competing in racing and non-competitive events, and Will is just going to pick up chicks.

hahahahahahaha nice, got a playa on your hands? lol

Yeah, check out the shirt:


i never new you were from pa

Emily (5) her third NAUCC, and Sara (18mos) her second.:slight_smile: And Jethro, you better keep the playa away from them.:wink:

I also film weddings

I’ll be the dad with a shotgun.:wink:

I’m a kid bringing my dad, does that count?

Close enough.

love the shirt Jethro. So true as well, small boys do seem to pick up older women! Eds at it already.