Whos better

who is better in ur opiniun
Shaun johanesen-dan heaton
krisholm- ryan atkins

  1. Shaun J.
    2)Ryan Atkins

The one who has the most fun and doesn’t obsess about who is better.

reading this thread - getting punched in the face

I’d choose the latter but it’stoo late.

ryan atkins

Who is on first!

you are comparing new school to old school and naturals vs.urban

it is hard to compare

At what?

I’m sure Kris plays the violin better than Ryan.

sorry i was jsut comparing the pioneers of unicycling to the newer people

I see, like the young guns passing the creators. Yeah tough to go about on that one. Dan is an older school street mixed with Flatland. I try to stick strickly new school street, with some old school tricks. Ryan Aktins pretty much in my mind dominants the Trials world in all aspects. Kris though has more guts (Ryan has done some gnarly things, but watching Kris pedal across a bridge gets it for me), also Kris is a wizard with muni. Ryan has nice muscles but I like Kris’s voice. And Dan, well i’ve kissed him on the cheek before, he’s a cute fellow. haha. I’m done, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

The question would have been much better phrased: “who’s style do you like better?” Because that’s what it boils down to with Shuan and Dan, at the least.

As for what I think… I like them all…

i just love they all
and all they have done and do for the sport

bha kris holm definately wins aginst ryan atkins… no offence to ryan but the stuff kh does is breaktaking.

dan heaton or shaun… I dunno i’ve watched alot more of shaun so its hard to say, but i really like both of them… i have to say i’m really impressed with shauns constant crankflipping and unispining…

You can’t compare difrent styles of ridding! :roll_eyes:

i’m better!!!:smiley:

Who’s better, micheal jordan or sammy sosa?

Freddy Mercury!

Sometimes you can’t really compare skill of different styles. Instead go about with who entertains you more. lol. That would be the only way to go about it. Michael Jordan in that case, but I like basketball more than baseball.

-Shaun Johanneson

I am gonna have to go with Sosa on this one… :roll_eyes:

trials and trials r the same and so is street and street