Here’s a short video I shot 12/4/09 at the famous Kenter “Whoops”, and having a blast! Of course, a Muni isn’t going to get the necessary speed or big air like bikes that routinely jump the 10-20 foot gaps between the bigger whoops!

I had the most fun with the smaller ones which are fun to “rollercoaster”, and I can still get some fun air on those without dropping into a ditch, lol. I plan to go back and try to do shifties, tire grabs and 180’s off the jumps, and I also want to try these on my 36er! :smiley:

(This video is super short, so don’t blink, lol!)
PS: I may need some dental work after the “fall” I took at the end, haha!):slight_smile:

Nice! I wish there were some more whoops around here. Poor biker.

Lol, nice video terry. I got a kick out of the end. Looked like a good ride. :slight_smile:

Nice, some of those jumps look difficult to ride up! Is it me or did the song say municycle ride at 0:30?

Good stuff, eh? Nice riding, and it’s always nice to hear a Canadian band in a Uni vid

You make that look easy Terry. Great riding, Thanks for the videos.

You could maybe build some like these! Mtb guys built all these and they regularly come to maintain them. there’s always big water containers, shovels, pics and stuff and they work super hard at keeping them in great shape. They add water to the gravel/sand and shape them but I don’t know the actual method for making them the way they did, which is amazing! Maybe you could build just a few smaller ones to start. :smiley:

Thanks, yeah I love that place but I want to go back and spend hours there practicing so i can get some bigger air and do 180’s, shifties and that kinda stuff. It is a bit scary for me hitting them with all-out speed! But that’s what you have to do to get serious air time! :slight_smile:

Even better to hear a band from your own city in a uni vid! :smiley:

Great vid.

Yeah the big ones seem almost vertical! Even the smaller ones require pretty good speed in order to get even a little air. I want to go back and practice on them for a whole day! Oh, and I listened to the song at :30 but I couldn’t quite make it out. :smiley:

Haha, cool. I didn’t know they were a Canadian band. I only knew that I liked the song! :slight_smile:

Thanks much. They are harder than they look for sure…at least for an old fart like me lol. :o

Thanks. Wow, it’s a small world! Any other good songs from them you could recommend? :smiley:

At the end of the pump track in Tokai they have a few small jumps that i am really starting to get into, at the AmaOneConvention i even managed to get some decent air with a “wheel flick” (turning the wheel to the side while in the air), i am definitely keen to explore this style of riding further… would it not be great if there was a BMX track like circuit build specifically for muni races ?? :sunglasses: me thinks … very :sunglasses:

That would be very cool! There are some really fun “side banks” built into some of the tight turns of the trail I rode yesterday, which is like “luge-type” DH, which is really fun too. But a series of well placed dirt whoops in various sizes and angles would be awesome! :smiley:

Ohhhhh … Terry … that looked like some big ol’ fun. Liked how you got the steepy!
Do more of that and film please oh please!!!
Fun and cool.

Thanks Sean I plan to go back–maybe today or tomorrow with the short break in the rain! Lots of ideas for better, longer shots on the whoops and also the addition of another size uni! Hmmm, I wonder which one… :smiley:

I found this video on how to make dirt jumps/whoops. It’s informative, but for MUni I think the angle would have to be lower. Since the whoops I rode in my video, and pretty much all the dirt jumps made for bikes are much too steep to work [as] well for MUni; as soon as you hit the incline, you lose about 80% of your speed and momentum.

So I think if whoops were made at a less severe angle, and put closer together, it would make an awesome MUni track! I’d be interested in getting more ideas and thoughts on this. Have any of you ever built something like this specifically for MUni? I’m now thinking that I might be able to build a few “Muni-type” dirt whoops as Kenter, since there is some extra room there for them. I might ask the guys who maintain the area if they’d mind. :slight_smile:


haha hit one at full speed on a schlumpf 36er…lol. may throw 1200$ down the drain but it’d look great on video!

Or a 24" GUni! problem is, you’d have to hit the launch just right so that your pedals were horizontal at the very point of jumping off, just like a stair set. But with a stair set, if your not lined up at launch, you can at least just ride down. On these super steep whoops, you can’t really stop at the crest of the ramp…there’s nothing there but the tip and you’d have a hard tome stopping right there!

It’s really the point of no return if you’re going all out speed-wise, and if you don’t hit the jump just right, you could really eat it between ramps! :astonished: That’s why, if I built them they would be connected with tops to them to bail out on.

For bikes: Steep trajectory and no tops

For MUni: Lower trajectory and tops

bmx ramp.jpg


They look great, but I wouldn’t add tops. 's more fun without. :slight_smile:

Yeah they’re really fun but the angle on the big ones are close to 45 degrees, and each successive whoop is spaced so wide, that it makes jumping from whoop to whoop pretty much impossible on a uni.

But I was there again this morining and made a short video…this time on my Coker! Video coming soon…:smiley:

The easy part is building the mounds. The hard part is finding the ideal spacing and figuring how to link them all together.

I think Lee McCormack covered this in his book:
Welcome to Pump Track Nation
How to build and ride the best pump track on Earth — Yours

I would build them like Terry suggested. But a while ago (8 months?) someone posted a vid on here of himself and his buddy going mound to mound, clearing the gaps on their 29ers.

The whoops I’ve ridden at Kenter are made specifically for mtb, and the really big one’s seem almost vertical! And they are spaced way too far apart for even a geared uni to clear, let alone make it to the top of each whoop with enough speed and momentum to make the 10 foot + long jumps to the next whoop.

But they’re still fun to play on and “rollercoaster” them. But the one’s like in this pic (from kenter) are scary because if you do make it to the top, there’s no where to go but either 180 back down, (very tricky to do and gravity would force you to do it in a micro second before you’d fall backward) or drop a good 5-6 feet to a hard packed ditch! :astonished:

The other problem would be having your pedals lined up just right for each successive whoop; bikes don’t have this problem since they coast into them with their pedals always horizontal. On a uni you may hit your first whoop perfectly, but then the next one may be way off, forcing you to bail or just stop before you jump. And even if you did hit successive jumps just right, the next time you might not since you wouldn’t hit each one exactly the same way twice. Would be very tricky to say the least. :slight_smile: