whoops!, its 16" unicycle for Sale

i totaly brain farted, my sons uni for sale is a 16" not a twelve.

So bugs 1st then Swallis, let me know if you still want it…if not, its up for grabs again…

One on one,maybe you?

sorry for the confusion all…

I’ll take it, if it gets down to me on the waiting list.

sure, its yours if i wake up tommorrow and still dont hear anything from bugman or Swallis.

PM me your address now so i can calculate how much it is to ship to you…

I just now saw this thread. Put me at the bottom of the list if it doesn’t work out with Bugman or Steve.


sure Scott, your on the bottom of the list :roll_eyes:

then we come to bugman…did you want this even though its a 16 or what? you cant just post “i’ll take it” then disapear…?

Steve i replyed to your PM.

I’ll still take it. Even though it was a bait and switch!:smiley: I already sent you my particulars earlier.