i can freemount!!!

good 4 u

right on! i remember how good that felt.for me unicycling got so much easier after that.

Nice! I used to think of trail riding as freemounting practice – ride 2 feet, fall off, spend 20 minutes trying to remount; repeat until exhausted.

what is freemount?

mounting the unicycle unassisted

ah ok, I first thought it was some MUni term then that is was a special way to mount :smiley:


VERY envious, just watched the matrix again today. you should be able to just download the skills then i would look cool riding my uni, plus i could get down my road twice as fast and have an excuse for some new trainers. oh well look like itll have to be good 'ol practice.

once i learn how to glide my life will feel complete. i will be able to die satisfied.


you say that now, but i promise you the second you learn how it will be replaced by a new, greater ambition. kinda the same way there can be no uni to make you happy and never want another.

You mean you can’t?

The Matrix will soon have you.

fades into binary code

Re: WhoooHooo

When does a freemount count? I mount with wall assistance and I can’t ride more than a few feet anyway. Last night I thought I’d try to freemount for the hell of it, as I was getting tired of my regular practice routine. I completed the action of freemounting, and a heartbeat later I was holding the wall. So I got up onto the seat, but couldn’t ride away before swaying sideways.

A typical indication of success in a specific skill is the ability to ride away at least 3 revs and dismount in control. So keep trying, digigal, you’ll be there soon!

freemount is an important step, congrats

Congrats IowaKid. --chirokid–

thanks all :slight_smile:

Re: WhoooHooo

On Wed, 12 May 2004 11:02:11 -0500, “digigal1” wrote:

>When does a freemount count?

U-Turn is right in general (3 revolutions) but I have to add that for
level 1, the “freemount, ride 50 m and dismount gracefully with the
unicycle in front” is as a combination regarded as one skill, so if
you fall or step off before having ridden 50 m it does not count for
level 1.

But from what you say, digigal1, you are definitely getting there!

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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis