Small-time for some, but I rode down my first set of stairs tonight. I have ridden long mellow landing type stairs in the past, but tonight I rode down a set of four standard concrete treads on my 29. Very fun. I also rode up a small curb a few times - another first. Hey, who else am I going to tell?!

me tooo!!!
I just learned yesterday, i was bored and i ust went for it. I rode down a set of 4 or 5 stairs on my 24" quax.

great feeling of accomplishment!
good job! the hardest thing was actually just rolling for it and not hestiating.

sweet, congratulations. i’ve not yet made any serious attempts at real stairs yet myself, i should just go and try it balls out :stuck_out_tongue:

Stairs are the bomb-digidy!


Stairs are the bomb-digidy! Riding stairs is like skiing extreme black diamond runs without the cost of lift tickets or the hassles of ski boots.