Please register into this site for unicyclists. It’s rad, and it supports unicyclists outta Indiana. Just cool kids, with some rad shirt designs, info, forums and other goodies. It would be cool to see more people on those forums as well. This is a pretty popular website, and it would be awesome to see that one get more popular. Not asking for a switch, but for people to visit both. It’s in its infancy but is still nice. Please do this if it’s not too much. Thank you for you time.

-Shaun Johanneson

www.below-freezing.com could not be found. Please check the name and try again…


Cool site, I think i’ll get one of those shirts

Creative shirt ideas. Good luck on selling them.

id buy em both…if i was 5 foot 2. seriously, no way i can fit a medium. any plans to make some bigger sizes? im 6’2

the sidehop vid on there is SICK. Seriously, I dunno how that’s even possible. I was thinking he’d crankgrab, and that would be sick enough, but NO, he just HAS to go to rubber…

seriously really really high.

Link Won’t Work!

Seriously, does this site acctually work for anyone else? The link won’t work, and no matter what I google, nothing comes up. What gives?

Works perfectly for me, and that hop is insane, i wish i could do that, soon hell be jumping his own height lol

HEY, it works for the first time, for me… Dunno why it didn’t work before

Yeah, who is that? I coulda sworn it looked like Zack Baldwin, and really… who else hops that high?

indiana represent


That was of Zack Baldwin. It’s in the unicyclist.com galleries, too. It’s a meter high jump.