Whole new uni vid from victor! with street,trial and flat.

This is my newest movie and it´s most street and flat.

in the vid you can see my 7 pellets drop on the wheel and some flips.

That was pretty sick. You land all of your tricks very cleanly. The only thing I noticed is you land your unispins on the cranks, you look like you’re good enough to aim for the pedals.

That 7 pallet drop on the wheel was sweet…has to be rough on the unicycle though.

Keep it up.


I don’t know if it was intentional, but I liked the way you did you credits :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree.

You might want to try and not prehop as much when you unispins also.

P.S. You are MUCH better than me so I don’t really have a right to criticize you.

i thought the editing was very good. so was the riding.


Awesome! I like the hopping from edge to edge on the three slanted pallets. Everything else was great too though.

Niiiice!!! :smiley:

But, a couple of times you road into the camera frame like you were about to do a trick and it clicked to another shot.

For some reason, the video stops at 1:28. just after someone does the static hickbackflip.

Loved the Backflip to donkeykick (flip? Sorry its 2:30am, cant think lol)

The end where you land and kept inching forwards made me laugh. =p

Keep it up.

Disregard that.
Cool video. That back flip to donkey kick was intense.
Good work