Whole lotta Questions

Hey all,

I waited till I had a bunch of questions to ask before I started this.

  1. What way do pedals thread into cranks. At my lbs, the woman said left-counterclockwise and right-clockwise?

  2. Why does everyone ride across skinnies so slow. I tend to ride through with speed across them. Do I need to slow it down.

  3. Why do people gap w/ no hands sometimes. Is it just for kicks?


  1. They always thread in the forward direction. If you are standing behind the uncycle both pedals thread in away from you. If you are one the sides, then the left pedal threads in left (counter-clockwise) and then the right pedal to the right (clockwise).

  2. For real skinnies, riding slow makes it possible to balance. If the skinny isn’t exactly so skinny then sometimes its a lot easier to just speed across. Think about it through, if you are four feet up in the air on a one or two inch skinny, would you really want to be speeding across that? Bad news. If you can ride skinnies and do it well while going fast then go for it. That faster you do it the more impressive but be careful!

  3. I’ve never seen anyone gap without hands. It would be impossible to get any real distance and just seems like an all around bad idea. I bet it would look kind of silly too.

in JH new vid he does a sizable gap no handed…loook at it.,…like around 50 seconds…

Ah, I hadn’t yet seen that video. Looks pretty neat actually - definitely a style thing.

I find it easier to ride skinnies quite fast, I can ride flat things about 2" wide, but I only ride them close to the ground. I find it easier to keep in a straight line with a bit of momentum, if I go slow I may need to turn to get balance.

yes, the faster you go the more stable the unicycle will be, and the more likely to go in a straight line. However, the time to react if you go off course is dramatically reduced.

  1. Yes, people at bike shops are very experienced at putting pedals on cranks. It figures they would know. The common mistake newbies make is assuming 100+ years of cycling technology has got it backwards, and that they should go the opposite ways…

  2. Most people ride slow on skinnies to stay on. If you can do it fast, that’s cool. Also if you slip off a skinny it’s easier to cope with if you’re going slow, but doing it fast should make for better video. :slight_smile:

  3. No-handed gapping sounds pretty awesome. Why do some people ride bicycles with no hands?

Right on the ball John, only a day later than me. :stuck_out_tongue: