Whoah! Spencer on TV

For about 1/2 a second on East Midlands Today, today.

Hold on when did you get a TV Mike? I missed EMT, today, but maybe Spencer has it recorded for our viewing pleasure :wink:

Someone insisted on giving me their old one about 3 years ago. I watch it for about an hour a week and usually regret the waste of time. But it was all worth it to see the camera pan swiftly across the face of someone I know. Everyone is famous for 15 nanoseconds.

Yeah, that was me :smiley:

I was in a few of the millisecond clips, but only one really showed my face (the juggling bit). But, as far as I know, i’m also on the first showing of an inverticycle on British TV :slight_smile:

I did record both the lunchtime and evening showings, so hopefully will have something up on YouTube sooner or later.


Woooow, isn’t that the second time (at least) you’ve been on TV Spencer? I’m sure I recall my Mum telling me she’d seen a uncyclist answering your description on TV.

Might we have to watch the Oscar presentations more carefully? :wink:

Surely the BRIT awards?

Brilliant Riding Including Tricks.

Yeah, this is the second time (that I know of) I’ve been on EMT. The first time was when I rode with Kylie Penelow for a bit during her cycle ride around the East Midlands. I told her about the juggling clubs here and kept in touch, resulting in this weeks feature.

I doubt you’ll see me on the Oscars (or even the BRITs!), but there is something in the pipeline meaning that I should be back on the BBC by the summer. Can’t say any more than that at the moment :wink:


There’s a series about Monkey World that keeps popping up on the telly, although I’ve not watched it… nothing to do with that I suppose?


Third time I know of as you also had about 4 seconds of screen time during the Three Peaks bit I did for EMT.