WHOA! new Fusion Covers?

I ordered one of the new KH seats, with a Fusion cover and I was amazed when I got it today. First off, the handle is awesome! It fits right in my hand, and secondly, my Fusion cover that I ordered was not black! Its kind of weird because on unicycle.com is specificly says that the Fusion covers come only in black:

Standard model (non-removable cover) available in 5 colors. Fusion model (removable, replaceable cover that mounts with a draw-string) available in black only.

Am I the first one to get one of these “special” fusion covers? And yes, it is a Fusion cover not just the regular thin one.



this is a fusion cover see:


that’s odd. it’s possible that they weren’t supposed to release those, or something, but I doubt it. Maybe they just haven’t updated the website? That happens a lot.

I actually saw those ones on the NZ Unicycles.com page, I like to look though there stuff because they get so much more then us. But yes, I thought the Fusion saddle with insignia was F^*% awsome.

That looks sweet lee cant wait to see it in action

Bedford Unicycles has Fusion seats in all colours
and the replacement covers in all colours too.
Seats with and without front handles.



when I asked for mine in balck it came in black but the word fusion on mine is in block letters

Do you mean the letters are different from mine? I was just out riding on it this morning and boy o boy it feels a lot better than the older KH seats. The handle is awesome and really comfortable, and the material doesn’t chafe my legs at all whe I’m hopping, compared to the older KH seats that did horribly. This is one comfortable seat!