Whoa I cleared a 5 set!

Last night a few fellow unicyclist and I went out riding and this one store thats got a 5 set of stairs I wanted to try. So the first time I nailed it. But it sucks because when you want to go there the guy that has a shop right by the stairs kicks you out, but last night he was closed.

So im happy. I knew i could clear them but i never get the chance.


Yeah, yesterday I hopped up a kerb! Oh yeah, and a ledge.

I will started a new thread in RSU when I hop up something else!

Your joking right.

what? 5 is not that bad for not a street rider. Or are you saying that every time I l do something I post it. Well who cares. You dont have to look at the thread.

I think he means you should post in This Thread

whys it matter? sure I will post it in there as well but whats the matter with having a thread?

It bumps the less productive threads to the bottom and you get well this. Which isn’t really useful to you or me and the rest of us. Don’t worry about it to much I did the same thing but the brag thread didn’t exist when I posted.

Great job Issac! Jumping stair sets are fun aren’t they? Congrats!:smiley:

Nice :smiley:
I wish i had some sets of stairs to jump down… but theres nothing much around here :angry:

And I dont know why people get so mad when someone posts something that they did, If i cleared a 5 set i would probably post it too :smiley:

Post away Issac! Don’t listen to people hasslin’ you for it.
This is a form, a place to to post your accomplishments


Nice job,Isaac. high five!

i think i want to fly… over a 15 set. then post a thread about it… thats more reasonable. i can jump up a 5 set :slight_smile:
its pretty fun too. its like boing… 3 feet above where i just was.

not to shoot you down or anything, but a bunch of people can jump down a 5 set, i have even seen a few vids of ppl doing 180s up them. its not a big challenge. please, if you do something that most riders can’t do, post it, but this is a little common to post about

after all that negativity…lol
good job
new stairs are always fun… i’m going to change my avatar just for you buddy.

No im going to post as much as I want, it was something that I did, I know alot of people can do that as well but im not a street rider like you. Sheesh.

Sure, a 5 may not be world record worthy, but he’s proud of it. Let him have his fun.

Hey I’m dang proud of you man! :smiley:

skrobo if you hit a 15 set (proper sized, not lego 15 set) i personally create a skrobo jumped a 15 set. and considering i have only started 3 threads…

use the “Today I brag thread” thats what its there for, because if everyone posted a thread when they did something new well there would be so freakin many threads.

Edit: I see you already posted there…so why did you then make a thread about it?

Man, people are harsh.

Good job on the 5-set. Keep pushing yourself.


Nice work!
2 days ago i did my first ever stair jump. Started off with hopping down a 5 set 2 steps at a time, then 3 steps, then hopped off the 4th step. Then tried from the top of the 5 set.
Came back 1 hour later and nailed it.
Its so much fun. Good work to you. Was it on a 20"?