Who would try unicycling the world's most dangerous road

Wrong: I’ve ridden buses (and unicycled) in Honduras. The roads are bad by our standards, but there’s still nothing that’s going to force you off the cliff on a unicycle. They’re certainly a lot better than the jeep trails that we ride in Moab.

I always try to be carefull with rating while not being there

  • but at all I think it is what it is:
    the most dangerous road - for road traffic!

we are not talking about a single trail, XC or DH…
and I guess most danger for unicyclists will be the traffic - as common on roads:(

Its funny cause the Road of Death is no longer the world’s most dangerous road. I forgot where i read which 1 is now though. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, i wouldn’t mind speed unicycling the road in Bolivia.

about dangerous road

First dangerous road is located in in Yakutia.
Road Yakutsk-Magadan.

From this site you can read that on 4-th place= road Moscow-Yakutsk

moscow-yakutsk it’s not so danger than road Yakutsk-Magadan.

I saw in Yakutia here many extreme tourists.
Much of them on cars or on bycicles.
And they said “There is no ROAD”:slight_smile:

Fair enough. The roads I’ve been on in Zambia were back-braking in any kind of vehicle. I’m imagining the road up there to be like that, with a cliff edge on one side, with a cliff wall on the other, and crazy drivers (like those in India, Egypt or Zambia) that will always try to get past you regardless of the room.

I think what makes it most dangerous, is the lack of space with the vehicles coming in the other direction and the black and white outcome (either you make it, or you die). Still, a free-wheel uniride would add to the excitement.

That’s the way this road used to be, and that’s how it got its name. But now there’s a new road that bypasses it, so there’s almost no vehicle traffic anymore.

I would say I would have to pass,but maybe on a 2 wheeler