Who would try unicycling the world's most dangerous road

I’ve been watching a lot of the MUni vids recently, and seen some pretty death-defying ridding, but what about cycling the worlds most dangerous road? I think this has now made my “things to do before I die” list. Of course, everything on the list should be something that could be on the “may get me killed but I wanna do it anyway” list.

Anyone up for it?

Any other crazy stuff people want to try?

Okay, that just made my list :sunglasses: That is, it would if I had such a list :roll_eyes:

Maybe the first item on my “100 things to do before I die”-list should be to write one :smiley:

Sure that road would be dangerous on a bike because you can freewheel and build up a lot of speed, but I’d predict it would be dull on a unicycle. Dull in terms of danger anyways. Since its a road that trucks can drive up then the gradient wouldn’t be anything to get excited about.

I think The Wells Road in St .Anns, Nottingham is more dangerous than that - although for different reasons.

Yer, the tram and lines could make things a little more interesting.

As for the dangerous road, in some places, there is hardly enough room for the lorries by themselves, yet they try pushing past the cyclists. Imagine that on a unicycle?!

Plus, if you still think it isn’t enough, then put a slip wheel on, with a brake, and have your fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I reckon it’d be easy and fairly dull riding wise. Look how wide it is! The views would be good though!

I think it won’t be that dangerous apart from trucks and cyclist bombing the trail… but anyway it would be exciting to ride with such cliffs and views.
And I think it would be really impressive to all of the cyclists out there :wink:

Here’s a video profiling this road. Pretty scary, especially if you fear heights, as I do! :astonished:


I think it’s already been done:

Yes! Sepp is the man!

Is this the road clarkson, hammond and may drove on top gear when they went to Bolivia?

Sounds like a fun climb.

Yep. Terrifying is the appropriate description. Lawsy.

Maybe Sepp did it before it was so trendy? :smiley:

Maybe when it was not so trendy it wasn’t that hard :wink:
Anyway… he did this so… that’s all folks :slight_smile:

I wish they had better pictures. I can’t really tell how bad it is…

It’s wide enough and smooth enough for a bus. It drops 3600 meters over 64 km (average grade 5.6%) How bad could it really be? It’s long and it probably has some amazing views, but I can’t imagine it being a really extreme descent on a unicycle.

I’ll be impressed if someone goes up it. Going down it just seems to easy!

I think what attracts people to that road (apart from the scenery obviously) is not that it’s hard to ride, but the risk factor of falling over the edge if you crash. It’ll attract the sort of people who like taking pictures of themselves standing (or stillstanding) on the edge of cliffs (of whom there are quite a few on this forum). Not for me though - cliffs freak me out, I’d be crawling along the inside edge of the road against the wall hoping nobody came the other way :o


I’m guessing you have never been on buses in some third world countries. Granted, this isn’t a third-world country, but the road is no better than roads in third-world countries.