Who would buy pedals for $500.00

www.koxx-one.com > Goods > Parts > Pedals > MfTi

Thats how you get too see the pedals and the price range is AUD and USD.
Why on earth would you pay $500 for a pair of these pedals, honestly…>.<
Why not just use standard DX pedals or Odyssey?

Because they are thousand times lighter than the ones you named. But it would be realy stupid to buy them at koxx-one because you can get them for half price at other stores.

I’ve just followed your link and the most expensive pedals are the MgTi at 229Euros, which only comes to about $400 AUS and $325 US. Are you looking at a different site or something?!

Pedal-weight makes a really big difference doing spin tricks, for example.
And yes, you can get them cheaper elsewhere:)

They are 80g lighter than the yellow Quax magnesium ones… and 189€ more…

Are 80g worth 189€? I dont think so.

Have a look at Ebay, sometimes there are Wellgo MG1 with Ti spindle, which are exactly the same. They sell around 80-120$.

You can find the MG-1s for 40 dollars or so on ebay, and the mg-1 ti pedals are usually around $100. The same question stands then…are 80g worth that extra $60 or $70? I would rather have two sets of mg-1s than one set of mg-1s with a ti spindle.

Good deal. Ebay is your friend.:smiley: I like these pedals a lot I might buy some one day. Only question is if you end up messing up the mag body can you salvage the spindle for other pedals?

If I had to buy any Mg pedals I’d buy DMR v12s with Ti axles. You can get them for about £95 (Probably around $150 in the US) by buying the Mg pedals and Ti axles separately, and they’ve got a proven record in quality and longevity. Personally, I’d never spend loads of money on a budget brand just to get flashy sounding materials.


I got my ti mgs for $90 including shipping. You have to wait, prices fluctuate on ebay. The weight difference is noticeable. Better response and smoother pedal rotations. It was worth the extra $ for me. Take care of them and they will last longer than two pairs of abused MG1s.

Would I buy these pedals for $500? Nope. Especially not if they’re significantly cheaper somewhere else. But the web site sure is pretty!

Don’t you just love Flash-based web sites where the designer creates their own interface? Except when you can’t figure it out. It took me a while to realize the navigation of the Goods section was in that slot on the left. Not exactly intuitive, but very pretty! Also too bad you can’t link to a specific page, saving us having to learn the interface…

So that’s a no for Marco.

If it is, you’ll know it. I think it has a lot to do with your amount of disposable income, and how much of a weight/equipment weenie you are. I recently ordered a unicycle for $2045 and am waiting for it. That’s more than I paid for the first eight cars I owned, including this one, this one and this one)! I’m still asking myself if I’m koo-koo.

What kind of uni? I would guess a KH or nimbus 36 with a schlumpf hub. The price is right. Wait, I love that show.:smiley:

Yes, it’s a Schlumpf. And the price is right for today, but I have a feeling that in not-too-many years we’ll look back on these prices with shock. Just like we did with the $1000+ MUnis of a few years ago.

I hope I got the right wheel size, with my choice of a KH/Schlumpf 29. I’m pretty sure I can ride it as fast as I’d want to ride on a geared 36" anyway, and now I can take it on trails also. And ride it up Mt. Diablo in low, and down it in high. Or, better yet, down on the trails!

Did Florian give you any estimated arrival date? I have been waiting a long while for my hub to be upgraded, and I am getting more anxious every day to get my kh/schlumpf 36 set up.

The geared 29 is a fun set up for sure, but I think the geared 36 is going to be more fun for me right now.

Ti spindles to fit the Wellgo MG-1:

Hey John, I have always wanted to ride up and down Mt. Diablo. I know I can ride down on the trails but I was wondering if it’s possible or probable to ride up the road on a 36. I’m pretty good at hills but I’m not sure if I can keep a sustainable pace going up. Have you ever tried this lemme know what you think.:slight_smile:

Siafirede, no date.

Uniaddict, check this out. And this, and this (a MUni-only ride) Many have ridden unicycles up Mt. Diablo before me, including in the Mt. Diablo Challenge every October. Still, I think it’s the most total climb I’ve done in one day.

Sorry we’re polluting the topic. I don’t plan to have any special pedals on my Schlumpf… :sunglasses:

One thing better about the DMR v12’s

Compared to the Welgo’s and most other light mag-Ti pedals, the 350 gr/pr DMR’s use a larger 7 mm ID bearing, and the thicker axles that go with it.

I am not positive that all the other sealed bearing pedals use the smaller 6 mm size, but from what I remember reading, bearing failure on the 6 mm sealed Welgo’s is a common problem. Because 6 mm and 7 mm bearings can be bought online for the same price, I think the stronger 7 mm size is a factor to consider.

Last I checked, the DMR v12 was 60 $, and the axles set was a separate 95 $.

I bought a set of Ti axles for my birthday last year. I am sure if I could do crank flips it would help, but really, it was more like buying a piece of gold jewelry to shine up my ride a little, and help me to forget that I can’t afford to buy Ti parts for my motorcycles LOL.:wink: I always wanted a Ti part.:slight_smile:

I don’t see it as all that extravagant though. When I smash the crap out of these pedals, new bodies are only 60 $, I can reuse the Ti axles, and bearings are 1 $ each. So it could be seen as a way to make all of your pedals lighter, at least until that thicker axle breaks…

It depends how good they are if they are strong enough to be used for like 2 or 3 years then if i had the extra cash i would buy them.

If their $90 or less I could buy them but generally I would just buy on ebay.com.AU because of the freight costs. Anyway thanks for the information guys =]